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most popular baby names ireland 2019

The Most Popular Baby Names in Ireland 2019

Data compiled by the Central Statistics Office has revealed the most popular baby names in Ireland for 2019. Would you believe that, yet again,...
Welsh baby names

These Cute Welsh Baby Names Definitely Stand Out From the Crowd

We love the sing-song nature of these names, many of which come from Welsh mythology. These Welsh baby names are classic, strong and unique...
new baby gemstone baby names

21 Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names That Are Truly Precious

Your new arrival deserves a name that's as precious as they are, so it's definitely worth considering these stunning jewel and gemstone baby names...
most popular baby names of the decade

Guess What The Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade Were!

If you're a soon-to-be parent looking for some baby name inspiration, then the popular baby name site Nameberry has published its list of the...
Mykidstime baby storm names

21 Baby Names to Avoid this Winter: 2019/20 Storm Names Revealed

Katrina, Harvey, Sandy, Irma, Ophelia...storm names often linger in our memories and see a dip in popularity from new parents. If you're expecting a...
top baby names of 2019

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 So Far

Curious about what names have been popular with new parents this year? BabyCenter has published their list of top baby names for boys and...
French baby names - Mykidstime

100+ Chic French Baby Names You Will Love

What could be more chic than taking inspiration from these 100+ stunning French baby names for your impending arrival? We love the sing-song nature...
vintage baby names - Mykidstime

80 Adorable Vintage Baby Names That Are Due a Comeback

Are you on the hunt for a baby name that is both classic and unique? You may be interested in these 80 vintage baby...