20 Vintage Irish Baby Names You Might Not Have Heard Of

irish baby names

You’re probably familiar with popular Irish baby names like Megan, Sean, Tara and Conor, but here are some more unusual names that are not so common. Read our list of 20 Vintage Irish Baby Names you might not have heard of:

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Irish baby names for boys

#1. Bradán

Pronounced “braw-don”, from the Irish for salmon

#2. Colman

Means “”little dove””

#3. Ardgal or Ardghall

Pronounced “ard-gawl or ard-awl”, means “high valour”, derived from the Irish ard “high” and gal “valour”.

#4. Cairbre

Pronounced kahr-bra – means charioteer in Gaelic

#5. Proinsias

Pronounced “pron-she-iss”. The Irish form of Francis, originating from St. Francis of Assisi and means “little French man”.

#6. Dagda

Pronounced “dag-daw”, means “good god”. In Irish myth Dagda (called also The Dagda) was the powerful god of the earth, knowledge, magic, abundance and treaties.

#7. Cadán

Pronounced “cay-dawn”, means “little battle”.

#8. Eirnin

Pronounced “air-nin”, meaning “iron”.

#9. Lorcan

Means “silent” or “fierce” and was possibly used as a nickname for a brave warrior.

#10. Ferdia

Fear Dhia means “man of God”. Ferdia was a warrior of Irish mythology.

irish baby names

Irish Baby Names for Girls

#11. Beibhinn

Pronounced “bay-vinn”, means “fair lady” in Irish

#12. Íde

Pronounched “ee-dah” – possibly derived from Old Irish ítu “thirst”.

#13. Aurnia

Pronounced “aw-n-eeah” – a Latinized form of the name of Orflath, a daughter of the 12th-century Irish chieftain Donal Óg McCarthy.

#14. Síomha

Pronounced “she-vah” – means “good peace” from Irish síth “peace” and maith “good”.

#15. Étaín

Pronounced “e-tane” – from et meaning “jealousy.” She was a sun and horse goddess who was the lover of Midir.

#16. Daimhín

Pronounced “daw-veen” – meaning “little deer” from damh “deer” and the diminutive in.

#17. Sláine

Pronounced “slaw-na” – She was the daughter of Brian Boru

#18. Aíbreann

Pronounced “ab-rawn” – means April in Irish

#19. Neasa

Pronounced “nyass-ah” – In Irish legend she was the mother of Conchobhar, king of Ulster. According to some versions of the legend she was originally named Assa meaning “gentle”, but was renamed Ni-assa “not gentle” after she sought to avenge the murders of her foster fathers.

#20. Muirne

Pronounced “mor-nah” – means “high-spirited, festive.” Muirne loved Conall who was from an opposing tribe. Her father, a druid, opposed the match and had Conall killed but not before Muirne had conceived a son, who grew up to be the legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool and who later avenged the death of his father.

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Over to you now. Do you or your child have an unusual Irish baby name? Share it with us in the comments below. 

Irish Baby Names

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