30 Blooming Cute Flower Baby Names for Girls

Flower baby names for girls

Flower baby names manage to combine a touch of vintage with a hint of modern. These beautiful names have become a popular choice by parents in recent years, but there are many unique names that are still waiting their turn. Pick from the best of the bunch with our collection of 30 blooming cute flower baby names for girls, and don’t forget to let us know what you choose!

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Flower Baby Names

#1. Aster

Aster relates to the Greek word for ‘star’ and is also a delicate daisy-like flower. The aster is the birth flower for September.

#2. Azalea

Unique enough to stand out from the crowd, Azalea is both a beautiful flower and name choice for your little girl.

#3. Blossom

An old English name meaning a ‘cluster of flowers’ or ‘to bloom’, Blossom was at its most popular in the 1920s so may be due a comeback.

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#4. Bluebell

A stunning little flower, Bluebell also makes a unique flower name for your little girl. Previously chosen by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell for her daughter Bluebell Madonna.

#5. Camellia

A pretty, exotic flower named after botanist Georg Josef Kamel, Camellia is an intriguing name.

#6. Dahlia

Meaning ‘dweller of the valley’ and the national flower of Mexico, Dahlias are prized for their beauty.

#7. Daisy

This fresh and feminine name is increasingly popular, however, also a classic floral name choice. The daisy is the birth flower for April.

#8. Delphine

An utterly chic name, Delphine is derived from the French for ‘dophin’ and also the bluebell-like Delphinium flower.

#9. Fleur

French for ‘flower’, Fleur is a traditional and very feminine name that appeals to parents looking for something timeless and elegant.

#10. Flora

This classic name takes inspiration from Flora the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, and is definitely due to come back in fashion.

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#11. Hazel

Named for the hazel tree, this name came to popularity in the 19th century. Previously chosen by Julia Roberts who named her daughter Hazel Patricia.

#12. Heather

A classic English name derived from the small purple- and pink-flowered plant most associated with Scottish highlands.

#13. Holly

Taken from the name of the evergreen holly bush, this Old English name came to popularity after the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly.

#14. Hyacinth

From Greek origin, Hyacinth is the name of a purple-blue flowering plant and has yet to peak in the name lists.

#15. Iris

Take inspiration from the name of the mythological Greek goddess of the rainbow, while the name is also derived from the purple-blue iris flower.

Flower baby names

#16. Ivy

Taken from the name of the evergreen climbing plant, Ivy is becoming increasingly popular, not least due to Beyonce naming her daughter Blue Ivy.

#17. Jasmine

A delicate and aromatic flower used in perfumes and tea, Jasmine first came to popularity in the 1950s and has climbed steadily since.

#18. Laurel

Coming from Latin origin and derived from the bay or laurel tree, Laurel is a gentle floral name which was most popular in the 1950s.

#19. Lilac

A less popular (so far) alternative to Lily, Lilac is a beautiful name that brings to mind the light purple scented flower of the same name.

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#20. Lily

A beautiful flower and a beautiful name, Lily has increased in popularity in recent years but will always remain a classic choice.

#21. Lotus

One of the most exotic blooms and a mythological tree, Lotus is a striking name choice for any little girl and carries spiritual meaning in many cultures.

#22. Marigold

A golden flower that conjures images of cottage gardens in the Bronte sisters’ era, Marigold has yet to reach mainstream popularity. The marigold is the birth flower for October.

#23. Olive

More subtle than the popular Olivia, Olive has steadily climbed in popularity and was chosen by both Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore for their daughters.

#24. Poppy

Always a cool and popular choice, Poppy is derived from the red flower of the same name.

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#25. Primrose

A name of Middle English origin, Primrose means ‘first rose’ and is a 19th century flower baby name that has yet to find its place in the popular rankings.

#26. Rose

The original floral name, Rose combines sweetness, charm and timeless beauty. The rose is also the birth flower for June.

#27. Rosemary

This traditional name is a very feminine choice if you are looking for a classic baby name.

#28. Saffron

A precious spice derived from the flower of the crocus, Saffron is a distinctive and unusual name.

#29. Sage

Meaning ‘wise’ and ‘healthy’, Sage is a unisex name coming from Latin origins.

#30. Violet

Another classic floral name, Violet comes from the purple-hued flower of the same name. This was a traditional choice that was low in popularity stakes until it made a steady climb in recent years.

Which of these flower baby names is your favourite? Did you give your child a floral-inspired name? Leave a comment below – we would love to hear from you!

Flower baby names for girls

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