Over the Rainbow! 60 Colour Baby Names to Love

Colour baby names

The whole colour spectrum offers plenty of baby name inspiration – some are classic, some are quirky and all are cute! Take a look at our rainbow round-up of 60 colour baby names that are a great choice for your baby. 

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Colour baby names have long been around with names like Emerald, Rose, Amber, Jade and Scarlett – but there are some undiscovered gems in there, including colours taken from other languages. Giada, Bruno, Alani, Blanca and Rosa are definitely not getting lost in translation.

The list of colour baby names includes some celebrity choices: Blue (Beyonce and Jay Z), Clementine (Ethan Hawkes), Esmerelda (Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling), Hazel (Julia Roberts), Bluebell (Geri Halliwell), Violet (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner), Olive (Isla Fisher) and Ruby (Charlotte Church), amongst others.

Which of these names would you choose?

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Colour Baby Names To Brighten Your Day

Colour baby names

  1. Alani
  2. Amaranth
  3. Amber
  4. Amethyst
  5. Apricot
  6. Ash
  7. Azur
  8. Bianca
  9. Blanca
  10. Blue
  11. Bluebell
  12. Bruno
  13. Buttercup
  14. Cerise
  15. Cherry
  16. Citrine
  17. Clementine
  18. Coral
  19. Crystal
  20. Cyan
  21. Ebony
  22. Emerald
  23. Esmeralda
  24. Fawn
  25. Fuschia
  26. Giada
  27. Ginger
  28. Goldie
  29. Gray / Grey
  30. Grayson
  31. Hazel
  32. Hunter
  33. Indigo
  34. Iris
  35. Jade
  36. Jett
  37. Lavender
  38. Lilac
  39. Marigold
  40. Ocean
  41. Olive
  42. Opal
  43. Pearl
  44. Poppy
  45. Primrose
  46. Raven
  47. Red
  48. Roan
  49. Rosa
  50. Rose
  51. Ruby
  52. Rusty
  53. Saffron
  54. Sage
  55. Scarlett
  56. Sienna
  57. Silver
  58. Sky
  59. Topaz
  60. Violet

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Would you consider one of these colour baby names for your child? Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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