Over the Rainbow! 60 Colour Baby Names to Love

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

June 28, 2018

Colour baby names

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The whole colour spectrum offers plenty of baby name inspiration – some are classic, some are quirky and all are cute! Take a look at our rainbow round-up of 60 colour baby names that are a great choice for your baby. 

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Colour baby names have long been around with names like Emerald, Rose, Amber, Jade and Scarlett – but there are some undiscovered gems in there, including colours taken from other languages. Giada, Bruno, Alani, Blanca and Rosa are definitely not getting lost in translation.

The list of colour baby names includes some celebrity choices: Blue (Beyonce and Jay Z), Clementine (Ethan Hawkes), Esmerelda (Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling), Hazel (Julia Roberts), Bluebell (Geri Halliwell), Violet (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner), Olive (Isla Fisher) and Ruby (Charlotte Church), amongst others.

Which of these names would you choose?

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Colour Baby Names To Brighten Your Day

Colour baby names

#1. Alani

#2. Amaranth

#3. Amber

#4. Amethyst

#5. Apricot

#6. Ash

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#7. Azur

#8. Bianca

#9. Blanca

#10. Blue

#11. Bluebell

#12. Bruno

#13. Buttercup

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#14. Cerise

#15. Cherry

#16. Citrine

#17. Clementine

#18. Coral

#19. Crystal

#20. Cyan

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#21. Ebony

#22. Emerald

#23. Esmeralda

#24. Fawn

#25. Fuschia

#26. Giada

#27. Ginger

#28. Goldie

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#29. Gray / Grey

#30. Grayson

#31. Hazel

#32. Hunter

#33. Indigo

#34. Iris

#35. Jade

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#36. Jett

#37. Lavender

#38. Lilac

#39. Marigold

#40. Ocean

#41. Olive

#42. Opal

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#43. Pearl

#44. Poppy

#45. Primrose

#46. Raven

#47. Red

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#48. Roan

#49. Rosa

#50. Rose

#51. Ruby

#52. Rusty

#53. Saffron

#54. Sage

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#55. Scarlett

#56. Sienna

#57. Silver

#58. Sky

#59. Topaz

#60. Violet

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Would you consider one of these colour baby names for your child? Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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