20 Alternative First Communion Gifts that are not Money

Cost of Communion Gifts

The Communion season is upon us and families everywhere will be preparing to celebrate their son’s and daughter’s special day. If you have been asked to share in the day you will most likely want to bring a gift to the communion child. But what are the alternatives to money in a card? Here’s 20 Alternative First Communion Gifts that are not Money, with something to suit every budget.

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#1. Communion Pinata

first communion gifts Communion Star Pinata

What child wouldn’t truly love a Communion Pinata filled with their favourite treats, to celebrate their special day.

They are widely available to buy filled or unfilled, so have the option to fill the pinata yourself, with sweets and treats you know they love.

#2. Movie Fun

first communion gifts ideas movie

You could give the communion child a voucher for their local cinema or a DVD rental voucher. Or ask Mum/Dad for some recommendations for their favourite movies, and you could pick up a boxset.

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#3. Angel Inspired Communion Gift

first communion gifts guardian angel doll


A unique handmade doll or other angel inspired communion gift will give the communion child a gift they can treasure forever.

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#4. Jewellery or Watch

first communion gifts jewellery

A watch, charm bracelet, chain with cross or a religious medal can be a good alternative present especially if you are a godparent to the communion child. It is always best to consult with other relatives and Mum and Dad before making a purchase of this kind.

#5. Photo Shoot

first communion gifts photo shoot

A Photo Session Voucher could be given on the day and the child could visit the studio in their communion outfit at a later date. This will give them a memento to keep forever.

#6. Books

first communion gifts books

A Boxed Set of Books is a great gift that children will enjoy for a long time.

Good examples for this age group are Percy Jackson Olympians, Narnia, Harry Potter, Goth Girl,  David Walliams Big Box Set.

#7. Adventure Day Out

first communion gifts adventure day out

If you are the adventurous type, an Adventure Day Out together makes a good first communion gift. A few examples for Ireland could include: Boda Borg at Lough Key, Delphi Resort, Croke Park Skyline Tour, A trip to Westport House, Powerscourt Estate, or a trip to go kayaking, wall climbing or other adventure facilities to have fun and create memories together.

#8. Rosary Beads

first communion gifts rosary beads

Rosary Beads are a traditional first communion gift. But do check with the parents of the child to see if anyone else is buying them.

#9. Savings Bond

first communion gifts savings bonds

Ok so we know it’s money but it is in a different format and they do last a lifetime. My 8 year old recently won on prize bonds that were bought for her when she was born!

#10. Foodie Voucher

first communion gifts foodie voucher

A voucher for their favourite restaurant or ice-cream shop makes a great gift. They could ask their BFF to join them for a special treat and how grown up they will feel when they can pay the bill.

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#11. Fun Outing

first communion gifts fun outing

The promise of a future fun day out to the cinema, for a special lunch or to visit their favourite attraction or park will appeal to most children. The build up to their special day can be hectic and sometimes there is an anticlimax in the aftermath. So having something special to look forward to is a bonus.

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#12. Personalised Gifts

first communion gifts Holy Communion Bear
A personalised gift such as a teddy or plaque gives the child a special memory of their first communion day. Or you could order a personalised print to remember their special day.

#13. Communion Keepsake

first communion gifts canvas print

A Communion Keepsake Book or Photo Album can be found in religious shops or large bookstores. The communion child can gather together photos and mementos of their special day in one place and have it to show to friends and family.

#14. Clothing

communion gift ideas clothes

Who does not like to receive new clothes?  And most shops these days will give a gift receipt so that if any item does not fit, it can be easily exchanged.

#15. Ice Cream!

communion gift ideas ice cream van

If the party is at home a few of you could club together to get an ice-cream van to come on the day and give each child (and some lucky big children) a cool ice-cream treat. Friends of ours did this last year and all the party guests, young and old, were wowed.

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#16. The Communion Cake

communion gift ideas communion cake

If you are a great baker you could offer to bake and decorate the cake. Or let the communion child pick their favourite cake from a local bakery and buy that for them to share and enjoy on the day. You will be a big hit with Mum and Dad too!

#17. Party Favour Packs

Communion Party Favour Packs

If you know how many children will be attending the communion party it would be a lovely idea to buy Communion Party Favour Packs for the communion child and their friends.

#18. Game Sets

communion gift ideas outdoor game sets

There are some great outdoor game sets available to buy eg. Giant Jenga, Goal Net, Tennis or Badminton Set. These will not only be used on the day but will give the communion child many hours of fun into the future.

#19. Communion Balloons

communion gift ideas party ballons

Brighten up the day with Communion balloons. These can be bought from florists or specialist shops or be delivered on the day be some gift companies.

#20. Canvas Print or Painting


If you have a beautiful picture from the Communion Day you could consider getting a canvas print made from it, maybe one with the communion child and their friends. Look out for deals online before you order!

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Do you have any clever alternative gift ideas for First Holy Communion? Let us know in the comments box below.


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