Easy Communion Cakes for Your Child’s First Holy Communion

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

February 7, 2021

easy communion cakes

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If your child is making their First Holy Communion this year, you will definitely be interested in our ideas for the party’s centrepiece – the cake. And if you’re making the cake yourself, you will also appreciate that these easy Communion cakes are completely achievable for even a beginner baker!

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Often, we see communion cakes looking a bit like mini wedding cakes – with the cost to match. An easy, homemade communion cake is a great way to cut back on the costs of what can be a very expensive occasion – however, this may fill you with complete panic if you feel your cake decorating skills are lacking! Rest assured, we have compiled ideas for simple, easy communion cakes that are sure to wow your guests!

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Easy Communion Cakes to Make at Home

Simple Flowers

easy communion cakes

This cake shows just how effective simple decoration can be. We found this image on Pinterest, but you can create your own with a few simple steps.

This easy communion cake is kept simple with plain white icing, then tiny flowers are used to create the outline of a cross. These flowers are created with a flower plunger cutter you can buy online easily – or you could use sprinkles instead to create the same look. Just use a toothpick to gently outline the cross, and then follow that line with your decorations.

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Communion Cupcakes

Easy communion cakes

Image: Mad4Cakes

These Communion cupcakes from Mad4Cakes are a great alternative to a traditional communion cake. A simple cupcake and icing, topped with an icing plaque.

You can buy sugarpaste in most supermarkets, roll it out quite thin, then use a cookie cutter (or even the rim of a glass) to make your topper. You could then add a cross, a flower, an initial or just some glitter and decorations.

If you prefer something simpler, what about learning some new piping skills? We love this video from Sarah Sibley that shows how you can create four types of stunning piped cupcakes with just one nozzle tip – perfect for starting out.

Communion Sheet Cake

easy communion cakes

Image: WIllow Bird Baking

If you are feeding a crowd, a rectangular sheet cake is a great idea. Keep the decoration to a minimum with some white buttercream, and perhaps a few berries, fresh flowers or sprinkles like this gorgeous cake from Willow Bird Baking.

Communion Dress Cupcakes

Easy communion cakes

Image: Artrageous Desserts

Take a simple cupcake, and look what you can create! Shape your cupcakes into a replica of your daughter’s dress, and then use a swirl effect for your icing to design a stunning communion dress in cupcake form, like this example from Artrageous Desserts.

Cupcake Cross

easy communion cakes

Image: Artisan Bake Shop

Another great example of an easy communion cake is this cross-shaped cupcake version from Artisan Bake Shop.

Created in the same way as the dress above, the effect is best created with plenty of icing to fill any gaps between the cupcakes.

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Stained Glass Cake

Image: Amy Leigh’s Cakes

We love this stained glass-effect cake from Amy Leigh’s Cakes and based on one by Cambo on Cake Central. Don’t be put off by either the shape or the icing – it’s entirely doable, I promise!

First, make a rectangular cake, then use a sharp knife to cut curved edges at one end for the shape of the window. Next, make your buttercream icing and divide it into bowls (one for each colour you plan to use), then use your icing colours to get the shades you want. Use a light colour (white or yellow as in the photo) to draw the outline of the stained glass panes, including a cross or anything else you may like. Once you have your outline in place, alternate colours and fill in the ‘stained glass’. The result is hugely effective, and very unique!

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Rose Cake

easy communion cakes

Image: I Am Baker

Don’t panic, we haven’t forgotten that we promised you EASY communion cakes! You’ve seen how to pipe roses on cupcakes in the video above, so this is just taking things to the next level. These roses look amazing and the cake is sure to deliver the ‘wow’ factor. This beauty is from I Am Baker, who made her white layer cake with fudgy brownie…yum!

If you want to see a tutorial on how to pipe these roses on a cake, take a look at Cake Style‘s video here – if you’re feeling brave, you could give the ombre look a go:

How to Make a Cross-Shaped Cake

A cross is traditionally used for communion cakes, but this may seem a bit daunting for a novice cake decorator. We found this image on Pinterest, and you could recreate it with white buttercream to cover the cake, then coloured icing for dots, patterns or edging if you wish.

easy communion cakes

Image: Cake Central

The best part is that you don’t need any fancy cake tins, you can make a cross cake easily with a large sheet cake. All you need to do is cut the sheet cake in half lengthways, then cut one half at the one-third mark. Join the cake as shown in the diagram (thanks to Doug on Cake Central), cover with buttercream and decorate.

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Cake Bunting

If cake decorating really isn’t your thing, you can still make a special communion cake for your child. We love the idea of cake bunting, like this example from Paper Jackdaw, which you could easily create for your child’s communion cake.

easy communion cakes

Image: Paper Jackdaw

All you need are toothpicks, wooden skewers or paper straws to hold the bunting, some fine string or twine, and your bunting flags – these could spell out your child’s name, or colour coordinate with the rest of your communion decorations.

Looking For More?

Take some inspiration from these stunning First Communion hairstyles that range from simple and classic to wondrous up-dos!


Communion Cake Pops

easy communion cakes

Image: Show Me Love Confections

Cake pops are a really fun bite-size choice, and kids love them! The best part though is that they can be made from a crumbled cake if disaster strikes! I may or may not have salvaged cake pops from a disaster cake before…

These gorgeous pops are from Show Me Love Confections and are perfect for an easy communion cake idea. If you have never made cake pops before, don’t worry. All you need is a crumbled cake, some buttercream, lollipop sticks, cake melts or white chocolate, and sprinkles (if desired) for decoration. This fun video from Divas Can Cook gives a step-by-step you may find useful:

Will you be creating one of our easy communion cakes for your child this year? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

easy communion cakes

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