30 Reasons to Know You’re the Mum to a First Communion Child

First communion boy and girl

First Communion year is a unique and busy year both for the children and their parents. Hours of preparation (and a few stressful moments too!) go into the special day both at school and at home. Whether you are embarking on the First Communion journey or are an old hand, see if you can identify with our 30 Reasons to know you’re the Mum (or Dad) to a First Communion Child! This article is in association with Marks and Spencer Ireland. 

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#1. You feel ridiculous calling bouncy castle companies in October as soon as you have the date and then realise that you can’t actually get the one you want.

#2. It’s back to Mass time. When did the “I Believe” change?

#3. Or you can no longer get your usual seat at Mass as the ‘In Memory’ program kicks in and the numbers in the congregation swell every 4 weeks.

M&S communion suit with logo 2019Being a parent to a Communion child can bring a certain amount of stress, from finding the perfect dress or suit for your communion child to kitting out the rest of the family for the special day, not to mention the catering and entertainment. 

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#4. Your youngest child spends all day on your knee researching First Communion information with you. Everything from budgeting to communion pinatas!

#5. You’re stress levels hit the roof mid January once you realise that all the nice outfits/dresses are sold out, and that the super organised parents bought theirs in October!

#6. You realise the whole family needs new outfits too which means the dreaded shopping trip with all the kids in tow.

First Communion

#7. You wonder whether to buy the First Communion dress / suit / shoes early or will your child grow out of it before May, or if you buy it too big, will they grow into by May?

#8. Panic because you haven’t booked a bouncy castle yet and it’s the end of January. Why didn’t anyone tell you that you have to get in early?

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#9. You envy the parents of children who wear their school uniform for First Communion and wonder why you ever argued against that at the last PTA meeting.

#10. You start repeating the line ‘It’s not about the presents/money you are going to get, it’s about you and God’

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