48 Simply Stunning First Communion Hairstyles for Girls

Mykidstime First Communion Hairstyles for girls

With First Holy Communion season nearly upon us, it’s time to get thinking about those final details – and one of these is how to tame your child’s tresses. Take some inspiration from these simply stunning First Communion hairstyles for girls that range from simple and classic to wondrous up-dos, in association with M&S Ireland.

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When my daughter made her First Holy Communion last year, I spent ages thinking about details like the dress and what food we’d serve afterwards, and I didn’t once think about her hairstyle – that was until every other mother at school started talking about it! I had completely missed the boat on this one, although (luckily!) it transpired that my daughter only wanted to wear her hair down with a “grown up and glittery” hair clip. Phew!

We picked up some very simple diamanté slide clips that were perfect for my daughter’s chosen style – she wanted everything very simple – and then I threaded some baby’s breath flowers in for a little something extra. Quick, easy and surprisingly stress-free…all of which is exactly what you’re looking for on the day.

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Communion Hairstyles: What to Consider

Things to consider in the weeks and months in advance of your child’s First Holy Communion include how long (or short) you and your child want her hair to be, and will that length restrict the communion hairstyles you can choose from; also, factor in going for a trim (or more sizeable chop) in advance so her hair is in good condition on First Holy Communion day.

If your daughter would prefer an updo, or a more detailed hairstyle, you will want to arrange a trial with your hairdresser, or have lots of practice sessions at home if you’re doing it yourself. The last thing anyone wants is any fighting, tears or stress on the morning of the communion, leaving no time to get ready.

Similarly, make sure that any hair accessories such as a veil, headpiece, bow or hairband are factored in to your decisions around the style.

To save you some of the last-minute panic I had, here are lots of gorgeous ideas for First Communion hairstyles that will suit short, long and everything in between.

Have fun picking something together – and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite!

Being a parent to a Communion child can bring a certain amount of stress, from finding the perfect dress or suit for your communion child to kitting out the rest of the family for the special day, not to mention the catering and entertainment. 

Let M&S take some of your stress away with easy online ordering for everything you need from home accessories to spruce up your home and have it looking perfect for the day, to ordering outfits to be delivered to your home or that you can pick up in store to avoid the dreaded shopping trip with everyone in tow!

Visit www.marksandspencer.com/ie for more ideas to help you get organised.

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First Communion Hairstyles

2. Communion Hair

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5. Communion Hair

6. Communion Hair

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47. Communion Hair

48. Communion Hair

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What are your favourite First Communion hairstyles? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

48 Stunning First Communion Hairstyles - Mykidstime

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