Don’t Forget These Things For First Communion Day


February 2, 2020

things for First Communion day

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First Communion Day can be a bit stressful. From getting everyone ready, to getting there on time and organising the party afterwards. To ease the stress, we’ve put together a list of things to remember for your child’s special day – Don’t forget These Things For First Communion Day!

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With 2 communion and 2 confirmation days under my belt, some with a party at home and some out, here are my top tips of things to remember and organise for the big day.

In advance shop early for the communion outfit for your child, ensure they have shoes, socks and other items to wear on the day. And don’t forget the rest of the family too!

For girls it can be a good idea to have a shrug or cardigan that compliments the dress in case the weather is not great on the day.

Ask the godparents to buy the child a prayer book or rosary beads that they can keep as a memento. On the day, there will usually be an order or service provided for everyone.

Make sure all your guests have directions to your home or venue and if you are hosting the party at home, that you have ordered any bouncy castles/slides well in advance! And remember to pick up the cake the day before.

Don’t Forget These Things for First Communion Day

communion things for Communion day

#1. Powered Up

Ensure all phones, cameras and video equipment has been charged the night before. And that your device has enough storage to capture those special moments.

Many churches do not allow for photos of videos during the ceremony, so if this is something you want, check with the school to see if they could organise getting a professional to take photos and video footage on the day, that can be ordered by all parents.

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#2. Fuelled Up

Ensure the whole family enjoys a big breakfast on the day to keep them going until the party. It can be a long wait, especially for younger children from breakfast to the party.

#3. Christening Candle

candle things for first Communion day

Some schools may request that you bring along your child’s christening candle for the ceremony. They will also need to provide the school with a copy of their baptismal cert in advance. This can be obtained from the parish office where you child was baptised. Check with the school what is needed.

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#4. Be On Time

Traditionally the Communion child sits with their classmates. Some churches allocate seating, with a pew per family, but some don’t. Be sure you are at the church on time to ensure you all get a seat together.

Parking can also be an issue, so the earlier you are there, the better spot you’ll get!

Do check that there is no other mass on just before the ceremony as you don’t want to be waiting around outside the church for it to end.

#5. Who To Invite

communion girls in church don't forget these things for first Communion day

Space can be at a premium and many schools limit the amount of family members who can attend the Communion ceremony. Decide in advance who you will invite to the church and tell them to be there at least 30 minutes in advance. It is usually parents, siblings, grandparents and sometimes godparents. 

Many churches have webcams, so for those who can’t come to the ceremony, you can suggest they watch it live!

#6. Don’t Rush Off

Your child will be excited to spend time with their friends after the ceremony, your school may even organise a get together for the children and their families. You may also want to take photos afterwards as many churches do not allow them during the Communion ceremony.

When planning a time for people arriving to your home or venue, be sure to build in time for your child to enjoy after the ceremony.

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#7. Spares!

Communion child don't forget these things for First Communion day

If you or you child is wearing tights, pack a spare pair in case of emergencies.

It is also good to have a couple of spare cards and cash on hand, just in case your child receives an unexpected card. 

#8. Ask For Help

If you are having the party at home, ask for help. Whether that be your neighbour coming in to turn the oven on while you are at the church to asking guests to bring along a salad or a dessert.

Friends and family will be happy to help.

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#9. All Change

Consider getting an outfit for your child to change into once the ceremony and photos are over.

It gives them the freedom to run around with their friends and not worry about destroying the dress, suit or smart clothes they wore for the ceremony. And if your child has to wear their uniform for the ceremony, it can be nice to get them a special Communion outfit for afterwards.

#10. Make Them Feel Special

reasons you know you are mum to a first communion child

Remember who the day is for and what the day is about. The Communion child should be the belle of the ball or your prince charming, so make them feel special as this day will only come once.

Have you got any other suggestions for things not to forget for First Communion Day? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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