21 Tricks and Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Communion Day or a Special Occasion

tips to spruce up your house for communion or special occasion

Are you are lucky enough to have a Communion Day in your home this year? Or another special occasion? Panic may be setting in as to how to make the house look presentable for the special day. We have teamed up with M&S Ireland to bring you 21 tips and tricks to spruce up your home for communion day or indeed any special occasion, that don’t involve lots of time or money! 

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Making simple changes can have a real impact on your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune, and remember any changes you make will be enjoyed beyond the day itself!

Sprucing Up Your Home Starts Outside

How to Spruce up your home for a special occasion

Next time you come home, have a critical look at how your house appears on the outside. If you find it lacking there are a few simple tips and tricks to spruce it up and have it looking perfect in time for any special occasion.

#1. Add some plants in pots to either side of the front door or some pretty hanging baskets. Remember these don’t need to be real, M&S have a range of stylish artificial plants that look like the real thing.

#2. Clean the windows and have them sparkling on the day or if your budget stretches to it, get them cleaned professionally along with the gutters and facia too.

#3. Add a new blind or curtains to windows for colour. This will smarten up the look of your home both from the outside and inside.

#4. Powerhose the drive, entrance path and patio to get them looking clean and smart. If you don’t own your own, see if you can borrow one or hire one for a day. Another top trick for getting rid of moss or green, is to cover the area with washing powder and leave it to wash away in the rain. Your patio and paths will soon look and smell like new!

Party in the garden how to spruce up your home for a special occasion#5. Cut the grass and trim any hedges or plants that need cutting back both in the front and back gardens.

#6. Add bark chips to areas that are planted with trees or flowers, this immediately makes them look like they have been newly planted up!

#7. Polish door handles and letterboxes and have them shining for your special day.

#8. Painting can be expensive so if your house is not due for a new paint job just yet, you could touch up any scratches or scrapes and paint your front door, garden walls / fences, pillars, wall caps and gates yourself instead to give your home a newly painted look.

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#9. If you are lucky enough to have fine weather, your guests may gravitate to the garden. Ensure any garden furniture is cleaned and invest in some pretty cushions to give them a new lease of life.

#10. Give swing sets and fence panels a lick of paint if needed and if you have a trampoline, hose it down for the day. Set up fun games for the children to play outdoors before you set off for the church, that way they can go outside as soon as you get home.

#11. Finally you could add some solar powered outdoor lights or other accessories to make the garden look pretty as the sun sets.

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Sprucing Up Your Home Inside

living room tips to spruce up your home for a special occasion

Concentrate on sprucing up the rooms that will be on show for the day. This will usually be the hall, kitchen and living areas. Below are some simple tips and tricks that don’t involve adding a brand new kitchen or painting everything in sight!

#12. My number one tip to spruce up your home is to declutter. Be ruthless, sort items to go to the local charity shop and bin anything that is past it’s sell by date! For books and games see if the school is interested in taking them for upcoming yard sales or to use in classrooms. If you begin this process early enough, you may get away without hiring a skip!

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#13. A new rug or mat in the entrance hall draws the eye away from walls and ceilings and can give your hall a new lease of life. M&S have a great range of stunning runners, rugs and mats. If the budget doesn’t stretch to this, polish tiles and wooden floors and wash any carpets in advance. And tidy away shoes, coats, bags and other items that generally end up on the hall floor or under the stairs in a heap!

#14. When was the last time you treated yourself to new accessories for your bathroom? This small room will be on show when the house is full of visitors so consider spending on some new accessories such as towels, soap dispensers, loo brush and holder, mats etc. Finish with a good clean and you will be ready for all who arrive.

#15. Most people gravitate to the kitchen, not just for food, but to mingle and chat. Spruce up your kitchen with some fresh flowers in pretty vases, add a pretty runner or tablecloth to the centre of your table, hide away items that you won’t need on the day i.e. toasters, juicers etc. and have your work surfaces looking clean and sparkling.

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tips to spruce up your home for a special occasion party girl#16. If your everyday crockery and glassware is looking a bit tired, you should considering investing in some new crockery and glasses for your special occasion. This does not have to be too expensive and best of all, you will be able to use them after the day.

Check out the range on offer at M&S. If budgets don’t allow for new items, you could borrow or hire these items for the day.

#17. If you feel your kitchen needs a new lease of life and have some budget available, how about getting the cupboard doors sprayed or painted in advance? This is a more budget friendly option than putting in a brand new kitchen and will look great for years to come.

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#18. For tired sofas and chairs, cover them with a smart throw or some new cushions. This instantly adds colour and covers up blemishes!

#19. Create a wall feature by printing out some of those photos from your phone that you have snapped over the last number of years but never get around to putting in albums! You could look out for deals on canvas prints or pick up some photo frames from your local store. Pick all the same colour or size or mix it up by using frames of different sizes and shape.

#20. Rather than painting the house from top to bottom, buy tester pots to touch up any areas that need attention. Or use gentle cleaning products to wash walls and get rid of any grubby marks.

#21. Consider having the house professionally cleaned for your special day. You only need to worry about areas that will be on show, so it won’t be as expensive as having the whole house done!

Over to you now. Do you have any other tricks or tips to spruce up your home on a budget? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

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