21 Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names That Are Truly Precious

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

February 13, 2020

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Your new arrival deserves a name that’s as precious as they are, so it’s definitely worth considering these stunning jewel and gemstone baby names that deliver luxury, style and something very special!

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Stunning rich hues and deep jewel colours have seen a comeback in everything from clothing to interiors, but what about using those fabulous precious stones to inspire something infinitely more important?

Gemstone names like Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald have been gaining in popularity for many years but there are many more jewels to take inspiration from, including French, Italian and Persian versions that stand out for parents-to-be.

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Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names


Agate is a French name for a semi-precious gemstone. Alternatives could be Aggie or Agatha.


Amber is the name of a glossy, gem-like fossilised resin. With a real autumnal feel, Amber has been a popular girl’s name for several decades.


This violet-purple colour and gemstone name is a stand-out name that also features as the birth stone for February.

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French for ‘jewel’, Bijou is a really unique choice for baby name.


Not as glitzy a jewel choice as Ruby or Sapphire, Coral is a standout choice that is also a popular nature-themed baby name. Alternates could include the softer sounding Coralie.


Popular in the 1980s, Crystal is now a less popular jewel name for girls with several spelling variations.


Diamond is the ultimate sparkly jewel!


This Persian name means ‘green’ and is one of the most recognisable and well-known gemstones. Its Spanish version, Esmeralda, is also a beautiful name and you’ll find Emerald is the birth stone for May.

Esmeralda / Esme

This Spanish variation of Emerald is popular with parents, particularly after featuring in the 1991 Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, based on Viktor Hugo’s 1869 book.


Gem is a great twist on a jewel name for your precious little one. Alternatives could include Gemma or Jemima.

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The Italian version of Jade is another beautiful option to consider.


More of a nickname than a given name, Goldie really evokes the smoothness of this precious metal.


Spanish in origin, this beautiful name derives from a precious green gemstone and is meant to signify wisdom, courage and justice.


Why pick one jewel when you could have them all!


A Sanskrit name meaning ‘gem’, Opal is also the birth stone for October making it perfect for autumn babies.

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Pearl is becoming increasingly popular, and a great choice for classic name enthusiasts. Pearl is also the birth stone for June.


Take inspiration from the deep red precious stone with this jewel baby name. This vintage name has had a real comeback.


A softer variation of Sapphire.


Hebrew in origin, Sapphire is a great modern choice for your baby. Meaning ‘blue’, Sapphire is also the birth stone for September.


This beautiful and exotic name is of Persian origin and means ‘jewel’.


Topaz is a golden-coloured gem thought to have healing and restorative properties, and also the birth stone for November.

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Are these gemstone baby names on your list of possibles? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

21 Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names That Are Truly Precious - Mykidstime

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