50 Spellbinding and Magical Harry Potter Baby Names

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

December 20, 2017

Harry Potter baby names

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The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon, and even more popular now than it was 20 years ago when the first book was published. With movies, theme parks and merchandise galore, it’s definitely not just for kids – and parents can get in on the magical action with spellbinding Harry Potter baby names for your new bundle!

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JK Rowling’s ability to choose memorable character names and vivid personalities (as well as a whole world of magic and mayhem!) is a great reference for parents. From the eclectic to the traditional, these Harry Potter baby names are inspired!

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50 Top Harry Potter Baby Names

Harry Potter baby names

#1. Alastor

#2. Alice

#3. Amos

#4. Angelina

#5. Arthur

#6. Augusta

#7. Bill

#8. Cedric

#9. Charlie

#10. Cornelius

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#11. Dean

#12. Dolores

#13. Dudley

#14. Fleur

#15. Fred

#16. Gabrielle

#17. George

#18. Ginevra (Ginny)

#19. Godric

#20. Harry

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#21. Helena

#22. Hermione

#23. Hugo

#24. Igor

#25. James

#26. Katie

#27. Kingsley

#28. Lavender

#29. Lily

#30. Lucius

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#31. Luna

#32. Marjorie

#33. Millicent

#34. Minerva

#35. Molly

#36. Neville

#37. Percy

#38. Peter

#39. Petunia

#40. Rita

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#41. Ronald

#42. Rose

#43. Rowena

#44. Rufus

#45. Seamus

#46. Sybill

#47. Tom

#48. Vernon

#49. Viktor

#50. Vincent

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We just love these Harry Potter baby names! Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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