Which Game of Thrones Baby Names Are the Most Popular?

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

September 23, 2017

Game of thrones baby names - Mykidstime

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Have you been having withdrawal from Game of Thrones? You may want to take some inspiration from the show’s classic, mystical and intriguing characters. Read on to find out which Game of Thrones baby names are the most popular.

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You may be wondering if Game of Thrones baby names are really a thing? Oh yes! Since 2011, Game of Thrones has become a major part of popular culture, bringing with it a whole host of unique and beguiling characters.

Never was the show’s popularity more evident than when George R. R. Martin’s fictional languages and lands brought about the use of ‘Khaleesi’ into everyday language.

Meaning ‘queen’ in fictional Dothraki, Khaleesi has jumped into the top 1,000 names in the US (according to the Social Security Administration). In 2014, there were 369 babies registered with the name Khaleesi, with a further 370 reported in 2016 figures.

In the UK in 2015, 68 girls were named Khaleesi and 280 were given the name Arya after Game of Thrones‘ feisty heroine. For boys, the 2015 statistics also showed Game of Thrones baby names coming to the fore, such as Theon (30 babies), Tyrion (14), Bran (11) and Ramsay (5).

While many of the Game of Thrones baby names are utterly unique and probably unlikely to gain any kind of mainstream popularity, there are still some intriguing name choices to consider.

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Game of Thrones Baby Names

Game of Thrones baby names

#1. Arya

The feisty, adventurous young heroine showed that her strength and determination are second to none.

#2. Benjen

Similar in style to Benjamin, Benjen is distinctive and yet still offers Ben or Benji as possible nicknames.

#3. Bran

The all-seeing Bran equates some mysticism and ‘otherworldliness’ to the name.

#4. Brienne

Infinitely honourable and loyal, Brienne is also symbolic of strength.

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#5. Catelyn

Motherly devotion lends the name plenty of charm.

#6. Cersei

Perhaps not the greatest maternal inspiration, but definitely an interesting name choice nonetheless.

#7. Daario

Advisor and lover of Daenerys, Daario (or the more likely Dario) is an exotic choice for your baby.

Game of Thrones baby names

#8. Daenerys

Undoubtedly symbolic of strength, Daenerys is showing real signs of popularity already.

#9. Davos

The quick-thinking former smuggler Davos Seaworth offers a unique name choice.

#10. Eddard

Ned Stark’s full name was Eddard, an unusual variant of Edward.

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#11. Ellaria

A combination of two classic favourites, Ella and Aria, this pretty name comes from Ellaria of Dorne.

#12. George

After Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.

#13. Jamie

The brave soldier who, to his detriment, is eternally devoted to his sister Cersei.

#14. Joffrey

Despite his royal status, Joffrey is an unlikely favourite for parents, even with its close link to traditional name Geoffrey.

#15. Jon

The iconic Jon Snow needs no introduction, and this classic name is commonly short for Jonathan.

#16. Jorah

A truly unusual choice, Jorah was a devoted advisor to Daenerys.

#17. Khal

After Khal Drogo, the warrior king and leader of the Dothraki people.

#18. Khaleesi

As mentioned above, the word for ‘queen’ in Dothraki has become popular in both the US and UK.

#19. Loras

Margaery Tyrell’s dashing brother Loras was a skilled knight and heir to the Highgarden fortune.

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#20. Lyanna

Lyanna is a feminine and elegant choice, found twice in Game of Thrones (given to Ned Stark’s younger sister and mother of Jon Snow, as well as the child ruler of Bear Island Lyanna Mormont).

#21. Lysa

Lysa was a real force to be reckoned with in GoT, while her name is a variation of Elizabeth and is of Hebrew origin.

#22. Margaery

Margaery Tyrell was the beautiful, clever and wily young queen.

#23. Missandei

The beautiful, multi-lingual Missandei’s name may never have mainstream popularity, but is certainly a unique choice.

Game of Thrones baby names

#24. Ned

Ned, after the honourable Lord Stark of Winterfell, is a great choice for anyone in search of a classic, yet distinctive name.

#25. Oberyn

Oberyn was a hot-headed, passionate character who was also a formidable opponent in battle.

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#26. Olenna

The tough-as-nails matriarch of the Tyrell family and grandmother to Margaery, put family first and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

#27. Petyr

Petyr was a real love-to-hate character in Game of Thrones, while his name is a variant spelling of the more usual ‘Peter’.

#28. Ramsay

Ramsay Bolton may not have been a character to love, but this surname-as-a-first-name is gaining in popularity.

#29. Robert

With possibly the most ‘normal’ of all the GoT names, King Robert Baratheon was a larger than life (and short-lived) character.

#30. Samwell

Samwell, an unusual variant of Samuel, is a great alternative which still allows Sam or Sammy as a nickname.

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#31. Sansa

Lady Sansa’s name is Sanskrit in origin, meaning ‘praise’ or ‘charm’.

#32. Shae

After making an impression on Tyrion Lannister, Shae became Lady Sansa’s straight-talking and trusted handmaid.

#33. Theon

Theon is unusual and clearly GoT-inspired after Theon Greyjoy.

#34. Tommen

The youngest Baratheon son offers a great name choice which can be shortened to the ever-popular Tom.

#35. Tyrion

Tyrion Lannister is one of the show’s most popular characters, and the name has been registered in the UK and US in recent years.

#36. Yara

While Yara Greyjoy was a fierce and spirited warrior, the name ‘Yara’ has various meanings in different languages, including ‘small butterfly’ in Arabic.

Game of Thrones baby names

#37. Ygritte

The wildling beauty who charmed Jon Snow was feisty and brave.

#38. Yoren

A recruiter for the Night’s Watch, Yoren kept Arya safe by disguising her as a boy to get her out of Westeros.

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Game of Thrones Baby Names - Mykidstime

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