12 Easy Valentine Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers You’ll Treasure


Valentine crafts for kids, chock-full of hearts, pink-ness and cuteness, are fun to make with the kids, and lovely to receive too! These easy Valentine crafts for toddlers and preschoolers are perfect for those little hands. What’s not to love?!

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Quick, easy and simple enough for young children to grasp, these Valentine crafts for toddlers are ideal for a creative session. Friends and family will love to receive these arty gifts, particularly when they come from such a cute little Valentine!

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Fun Valentine Crafts for Toddlers

#1. Handprint Art

handprint_heart_activity village
Image: Activity Village

We love the simplicity of this Valentine handprint art craft from Activity Village, which is ideal for young hands, and perfect if you’re pressed for time also!

#2. Mosaic Heart

mosaic valentine heart for Valentine Crafts for Toddlers
Image: No Time For Flashcards

These cute mosaic hearts by No Time For Flash Cards are great for improving the scissor skills of your preschooler, but also could be used as a toddler craft, once you help and cut the paper in advance.

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#3. Heart-Shaped Stamps

Heart potato stamp for Valentine Crafts for Toddlers
Image: Noe Place Like Home

Have the kids create some cute Valentines cards/pictures using a heart-shaped potato stamp and some paint – you’ll find instructions over at Noe Place Like Home.

#4. Stained Glass Hearts

valentine crafts for kids
Image: Parentdish

This is a great activity for younger kids, who will love tearing tissue paper and glueing to make these cute stained glass hearts from Parentdish.

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#5. Valentine Heart Stamps

Toilet roll heart stamp
Image: Rust & Sunshine

These Valentine heart stamps by Rust & Sunshine couldn’t be easier – all you need is a toilet roll, tape, and some red paint. Then let the kids make a picture/decorate cards as gifts. A genius idea for recycling!

#6. Heart Person

Valentine Crafts for Kids Heart PepoleHow cute is this little guy?! Make a Heart Person using some paper or card.

  • Cut out a large heart using either paper or card
  • Decorate as you wish using either colours or stick on goggly eyes
  • Cut 4 strips of paper and fold them accordion style to create arms and legs
  • Glue them on to finish your heart person.
  • Further embellish by adding heart hands and feet

How about making a few heart people and turning them into valentine bunting?

#7. Button Valentine Heart

Button heart craft
Image: Hands On As We Grow

Using a variety of buttons, card paper and some glue, have the kids create these cute button Valentine hearts from Hands On As We Grow. This is a good activity to help your toddlers learn their colour names and sorting.

#8. Easy Scribble Valentines

easy-scribble valentines
Image: What We Do All Day

This easy scribble Valentine activity from What We Do All Day is perfect for your toddler. Have them scribble on a large sheet of paper then cut out heart shapes to make Valentines cards, or stick to card paper to make a keepsake picture.

#9. Pretty Valentine Tree

Valentine heart craft for Valentine Crafts for Toddlers
Image: Scrumdilly-Do

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fun (and messy!) pretty Valentine tree craft from Scrumdilly-Do. Make your fingerprint tree as detailed (or not) as you like, using a variety of colours.

#10. Tissue Paper Hearts

Valentine heart craft
Image: Fun At Home With Kids

Scrunch up some colourful tissue paper, and stick to a heart-shaped piece of card to make these tissue paper hearts from Fun At Home With Kids. Nice and easy for little hands.

#11. Love Bugs

Love Bugs
Image: The Idea Box

Your little ones will love making these adorable Love Bugs from The Idea Box using simple craft materials.

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#12. Handprint Love Bug

Handprint love bug
Image: Crafty Morning

These simple handprint love bugs by Crafty Morning are cleverly made using your child’s handprint for the body, and some heart-shaped cutouts as wings.

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Have you any further ideas for Valentine crafts for younger kids? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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