25 Special Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Child

quality time with your child

Every parent finds life super busy between work, school, creche, other activities to organise never mind home life. Then we are urged to spend quality time with our children! But it can be easier than you think to make a little time together so here are 25 Special Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Child:

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#1. Have a Game of Tag

Sometimes the simplest of games are the most fun. Head out to the garden or nearby park and take it in turns to be “It” and chase each other to try to tag them, if you tag them then it’s their turn to be “It”. We always end up laughing and nicely out of breath.


#2. Cook a Meal Together

Make a meal from start to finish with your child. Even smallies can help chop (with not too sharp a knife), measure and mix. Start with something straightforward like Homemade Pizza or Homemade Lasagne. Even fussy eaters get into what they have made themselves.


#3. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

You probably have a puzzle or two tucked away that hasn’t seen light of day for a while. Have some puzzle time together.

Free things to do wiht Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

#4. Make a Paper Fortune Teller

This was one of my favourite activities as a child and my children love it too! All you need is a piece of paper and a pens to make a fortune teller and tell each other’s fortunes.


#5. Sing a Round Song

Remember the old songs that were rounds? e.g. Three Blind Mice or Brother John. Have a go at singing a round and see if you can make it to the end without everyone getting confused!

girl singing

#6. Try Some Origami

You can make some really beautiful things with origami. And here’s how to make an origami frog that hops.

origami frog

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#7. Play Hopscotch Outside

Take a piece of chalk out to the sidewalk and mark out the squares then you just need a little stone to toss to get hopping!


#8. Have Some Bubble Fun

Make some bubble mix and blow some bubbles!


#9. Have a Game of Cards Together

Even such a simple game like Snap gets us laughing together. Why not try learning a new game together like Knockout Whist?

playing cards

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#10. Draw Your Dream House

Take a large A3 piece of paper and draw your dream house, you could take it in turns to draw rooms and furniture and decorate it.

Indoor Games for Kids Drawing

#11. Have some Racing Car Fun

Get out the toy cars and then use masking tape to make a racing track around the living room or play room. Then have fun racing them.

car tracks masking tape jennifer tuksal pinterest_0

#12. Make a Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder for the garden then do some bird spotting. Keep a notepad near the window so you can write down (or draw) the different types of birds you see.


#13. Dress Up and Perform a Short Play

It could be a Nursery Rhyme or Fairy Tale if you don’t want to write a story from scratch.

kids clothing

#14. Enjoy Some Nature Together

Go on a nature walk and see how many things you can spot. Or try a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Pine Cone Against Clear Blue Sky

#15. Bake Cookies

This is one of our favourite activities to do together. We enjoy the baking process and, of course, the eating part!


#16. Make a Mermaid at the Beach

When we head to the beach we always draw a mermaid on the sand then decorate her! Seaweed for hair, stones for eyes, shell for her scales etc.

kids at beach

#17. Organise a Scavenger Hunt

You can do these any time of the year and our ideas for scavenger hunts give you ready-made downloadable sheets that you can use.

scavenger hunt

#18. Read a New Book Together

Have you read a classic kids book like The Railway Children, Wind in the Willows, Paddington Bear or The Secret Garden? There’s a reason they are classics, because the stories and characters are so good, and many are humorous too.


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#19. Plant Some Seeds

My kids always love pushing seeds into soil in pots then watering them – or use the time to weed or dig up some soil in the garden, we call it “Tidy Up The Garden Time” as it’s more fun if you make it into a game.

Grow Your Own

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#20. Make a Den with Chairs and a Blanket

Nothing cosier! And you could have an indoor picnic too. The cuddly toys might like a bit of the action too!

home made den

#21. Make Handmade Seasonal Cards

Make hand drawn or painted or glittered seasonal cards to send to family members. E.g. Happy Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Spring – but there doesn’t have to be a particular celebration, you can make a card to send Nana or Papa, they’ll still be delighted.

mothers day card ideas

#22. Have a Blind Taste Test

Set out a few items to taste e.g. lemon, salt, apple slice, cucumber. Then each person gets blindfolded and has to taste and guess what they are tasting.


#23. Play Some Guessing Games

We enjoy playing 20 Questions or Fortunately, Unfortunately or Guess Who. And an absolute favourite is Rock, Paper, Scissors. These are also a good way to pass time on a walk or in the car too, the kids will never notice the journey!

rock paper scissors


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#24. Make a Time Capsule

Have fun choosing some things that represent today and make a time capsule to bury e.g. in the garden. Take a photo of the spot with a reference point e.g. nearby tree, so you can put it aside and remember in future where you buried it!


#25. Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

Again the old fashioned ideas just are the most fun sometimes. Take one picnic blanket, an assortment of teddy bears and favourite cuddly toys, some simple nibbles like apple slices, cookies and juice, and hey presto, one teddy bear picnic!

free things to do with kdis teddy bear picnic

Over to you now. What activity do you like for spending quality time with your child? Share it with us in the comments below.

quality time with your child

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