How to Make a Time Capsule with Kids

Jennifer Buttner


July 23, 2015

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Looking for some fun kids activities? Why not have them make a time capsule – a collection of treasures and memories they can hide away for their future self? Here’s how to make a time capsule with kids, and includes a neat downloadable sheet you can print out and have the kids fill in and include.

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What is a Time Capsule

A time capsule is a container that is filled with present day things, such as newspapers, photos, letters etc., that is then hidden away in a closet or buried in your garden, for a time, and then opened by your future self, or someone of your choosing. A present for the future!

There are no rules – it could be a simple shoe box, which you hide away indoors, or a more weather-resistant box that can be buried in the garden. You decide how long you want to hide it, and who should open it, and most importantly, you pick what to include.

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What To Use

The container you choose for your time capsule is dependent on how you want to store/hide it.

  • For indoors storage, a cardboard box (like a shoe box), wooden box, or plastic storage container would be perfect. You can wrap it up and seal it like a present when you are done.
  • If you want to bury your capsule in the garden or store outdoors, then it needs to be weather-proof – air- and water-tight, and made of a material suitable for burying, like stainless steel.

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Time Capsule Ideas

You can choose what to include in your time capsule – memories and token of the present day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Time_capsule_sheetPrint off our Free Downloadable Time-capsule Sheet and fill it in, listing today’s date, your name, height, friends, favourite things, hobbies etc.,
  • Trace around your hand on a blank page, and date the page.
  • Include today’s newspaper/front page of newspaper.
  • Take some photos of your house, bedroom, garden, street to include.
  • Write a letter to your future self.
  • Tickets, mementos of day trips, holidays that year.

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Making Your Time Capsule

After you have gathered all you want to include, it’s time to assemble your container. Include all your chosen time capsule treasures, and seal your box.

A nice idea is to wrap your box like a present, and decorate it (only works if storing indoors though), and finally you must label it with your name, and date when box can be opened, and by whom.

Now hide it away, and try not peek in it until the chosen date/year!

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Over to you! Have you any ideas for items to include in time capsules? Let us know in the comments below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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