Super Summer Suggestions Guaranteed to Bust Boredom


July 1, 2015

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The long school holidays looming out ahead of you? Wondering how on earth you are going to occupy the kids for all that time? Here are 8 Super Summer Suggestions Guaranteed to Bust Boredom, fun projects you can try out with the kids, at the first hint of an “I’m Bored”.

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Super Summer Suggestions Guaranteed to Bust Boredom

With the long summer holidays looming out ahead of you, it can often be difficult to think of new ideas for entertaining the kids. You know, those kind of activities that are a little bit different, can provide a little bit of a challenge, and are fun to do too? Ideas that just spark their interest!

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Each week, for 8 weeks, you can try a fun challenge, ranging from catapult-making to animation, that will ensure you and the kids have a summer to remember, for all the right reasons :)

Week 1 – Make Your Own Super Hero Photo Booth

super hero photobooth

Challenge your kids to make their own Super Hero Photo Booth!

Week 2 – Go on a Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Kids of all ages seem to enjoy the challenge of a scavenger hunt. At the first mention of “We’ve nothing to do”, send them off, armed with their list.

Week 3 – Make a Lego Stop Motion Video

lego movie maker

Get the kids to make a lego stop motion movie, using their lego characters, or if they don’t have lego, kids can use any of their figurines.

Week 4 – Make Your Own Ice Pops

8 Healthy ice pop recipes kids will lick clean header

Who doesn’t love an ice pop on a summer’s day? Instead of running to your nearest shop to buy some, stock up on some moulds and get the kids to make their own ice pops this year.

Week 5 – Make a Time Capsule


For this week’s project, have the kids make a time capsule – a collection of treasures and memories from a moment in time, that they can hide away for their future self.

Week 6 – Set Up an Obstacle Course

Things for Teens to Do

Obstacle courses are such fun for kids, and a great way to get them off the couch and active. Ask them to run around the garden a few times, and you’ll get no response, but challenge them to an obstacle course, and before you can finish the sentence, they are already outside itching to start!

Week 7 – Make Dinner

How to make dinner for family 10 simple steps

Are the parents always doing the cooking in your house? How about getting the kids involved in preparing and cooking dinner? Enjoy our Make Dinner project.

Week 8 – Construct a Marshmallow Catapult


Homemade toys for kids marshmallow catapult

Kids + Catapults = Fun! And what better fun than to actually make your own catapult, from some yummy edible materials like marshmallows?! Once constructed, you can use them straight away too and fine-tune your target practice. Make a Marshmallow Catapult.

Let us know how you get on with the activities you have tried in the comments below.



Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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