23 Sensational Sand Play Ideas Your Kids will Love

Amy Louise

April 13, 2018

Sand play ideas - Mykidstime

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Kids of all ages love sensory play, and what better sensory fun than playing with sand? It evokes all kinds of wonderful memories for us all, of lazy days spent playing on beaches! Here are 23 Sensational Sand Play Ideas Your Kids (And You!) will Love.

Sand is so versatile – you can sift it, dig in it, pour it, enjoy the feel of it, build with it, and even make art with it! This versatility means that it appeals to toddlers, preschoolers and even bigger kids who enjoy getting hands-on for some sensory fun.

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Super Fun Sand Play Ideas

#1. Sand Drawings Outside

Sand Play1

Image courtesy of Buggy and Buddy

Drawing with sand is so much fun! Like Buggy and Buddy, using clear squeeze bottles and a variety of coloured sand, use the great outdoors for your canvas!

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#2. Sand Dough Sensory Play


Image courtesy of Little Bins For Little Hands

Using three simple ingredients, Little Bins For Little Hands show us how you can create some sensory sand dough to explore at home! It feels soft to touch and doesn’t leave a heavy residue on the hands. It also sweeps up easily, which is a bonus.

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#3. Creating Sand Castles that will Last


Image Courtesy of Meaningful Mama

Sand castles are great fun to make. Want to create one that will last? Meaningful Mama gives us the low down on creating your very own sand castle sculpture.

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#4. Indoor Beach

Indoor beach

Image courtesy of Mama Papa Bubba

Do you want to give your child sensory activities to explore, but are held back as they still put things in their mouths? How about an edible indoor beach, courtesy of Mama Papa Bubba?

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#5. Sand Art Bottles

sand play ideas - sand art bottles

Image courtesy of Art Bar

Aren’t these gorgeous? Recycle some old bottles or containers and create a fantastic keepsake. Art Bar used food colouring to dye sand in a variety of colours.

#6. Sand Foam


Image courtesy of Little Bins For Little Hands

Using only two ingredients, this is an interesting sensory activity by Little Bins For Little Hands, that is very simple to create. Whether you are creating a play set up for imaginative play or mark making, sand foam is sure to go down a treat!

#7. Train Tracks in the Sand

Sand tracks

Image courtesy of Play Trains

Is your child crazy about trains? You could take inspiration from Play Trains by gathering sticks together and take a trip down to the beach. Create your very own train tracks in the sand, or even extend this idea to create your very own sand city!

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#8. Preschool Dinosaur Dig


Image courtesy of Fireflies and Mud Pies

Calling all archaeologists! Uncover the dinosaur bones and see if you can identify the creatures, in this activity by Fireflies and Mud Pies.

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#9. Sand Paint

Sand painting

Image courtesy of Homegrown Friends

We love painting activities and have done many different techniques over on our blog. I love the idea of adding textures, and sand would be a great choice and great fun for finger painting! Homegrown Friends have also been busy sand painting.

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#10. Sandy Oobleck


Image courtesy of Buggy and Buddy

Buggy and Buddy share the recipe to create a fun Sandy Oobleck to explore. They show us in their ooey-gooey dinosaur world.

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#11. Microwave Puffy Paint

puffy sand paint

Image courtesy of Simple Fun For Kids

This Puffy Paint by Simple Fun For Kids is an interesting media to paint with. I love that children can help create this paint from scratch! You can offer a range of materials to transfer the paint onto the canvas. Whether you choose to use spoons, hands or squeezy plastic bottles you will create some fun puffy textured art work!


23 Sensational Sand Play Ideas Your Kids will Love - Mykidstime

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