15 Whimsical Dr Seuss Sensory Activities and Play Ideas for Kids

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

August 22, 2022

Dr Seuss Sensory Activities

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Get hands on with some Dr Seuss whimsy! Sensory boxes are a wonderful activity, encouraging hands-on learning that is both visually and texturally attractive. These Dr Seuss sensory activities are fantastically vibrant and fun, and make a memorable addition to story time with your favourite Dr Seuss books.

The best part of sensory play is that it is quick to pull together, budget-friendly, and can usually be reused for multiple play sessions. Using a theme that inspires recognition, like these Dr Seuss ideas, makes it appealing to your child.

Exploring sensory boxes allows children and adults to not only receive sensory stimulation, but they are learning about cause and effect, developing their fine motor skills, engaging their imagination, and being creative. They are also a great starting point if you have never tried sensory-rich opportunities before, and are particularly beneficial for children with special needs.

Dr Seuss Sensory Activities

Sensory bins and bottles use common household and craft box items such as rice, pasta, beads, buttons, scented items, glitter, feathers, and textured objects linked to your theme (e.g. tinsel, shells, etc).

Remember, it is important that you consider the age and stage of your children, and the suitability of the items you include in your boxes. Make sure that all items are suitable to reduce risks, and remember to always take into account any allergies your children may have.

Grinch Slime

And his heart grew three sizes that day…

Little Bins for Little Hands has step-by-step instructions and video to show you how to make this awesome Grinch slime to go along with the book or movie. The Grinch has such a wonderful message for kids and families all year round. Kids will love this fun, lime green Christmas slime!

Dr Seuss Sensory Sand Play

dr seuss sensory sand play

Celebrate your favourite Dr Seuss books with your child using this idea for Dr Seuss sensory sand play from The Educator’s Spin On It. You just need a few supplies and your child will be magically transported into the colourful imaginary world of Dr Seuss.

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The Lorax Sensory Bin

The Lorax Sensory Bin for dr seuss sensory activities

Dr Seuss’s The Lorax, despite its silliness, teaches us all about a serious subject – our environment and pollution. The Lorax and his beautiful Truffula trees are such a colourful inspiration for Earth Day, and they are the perfect inspiration for a sensory bin.

Simply Sprout Educate created this vibrant Lorax sensory bin, using a colour theme that represented the Truffula trees – orange, yellow and pink – which are so vibrant and engaging. Black and white striped paper straws offer a great contrast for the tree trunks, and glittery pom poms and soft fuzzy yarns are fluffy, soft and fun for curious little hands.

Add cups, scoops, small spoons, tongs or other implements so little ones can fill them up and practice their fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

Dr Seuss-Inspired Clear Slime

Dr Seuss Clear Slime for Dr Seuss sensory and crafts

Book inspired crafts are always a lot of fun, and that’s because they aren’t just a fun way to keep your little one busy and engaged in something creative, but it also inspires them to read more books and develop a love for them.

If your little one loved Dr Seuss’s Put Me in the Zoo, this clear slime recipe from Craft Play Learn is a must try – especially if you want to try a hands-on, sensory activity.

Scented Grinch Sensory Bin

Grinch sensory bin for dr seuss sensory activities

With peppermint-scented rice, this festive Grinch sensory bin from I Can Teach My Child is sure to be a hit! This hands-on Christmas activity is so much fun for older toddlers (who no longer put things in their mouths), preschoolers, and even early elementary kiddos.

Using food colouring to colour the rice forms a very tactile base for the sensory bin, which you can then add a variety of materials to. Here, the additions include coloured pom poms, measuring cups, empty plastic ornament balls, funnels, and large Christmas light bulbs (that were actually re-purposed solar-powered lights).

Fizzing Green Eggs Science Experiment

green eggs science fun for Dr Seuss sensory activities

No, you can’t eat these fizzing green eggs, but they make a super fun preschool science project from Preschool Powol Packets that partners well with reading Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

How do you make these fun green eggs? Simply mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 9 drops of green food colouring and a tablespoon of water. You should have a soft dough that holds together when you squeeze it, but falls apart if any extra pressure is added. Form the dough into four eggs, and place them in a foil tray or dish in a bed of white “egg whites” (baking soda).

Now, give them to your preschooler with a cup of vinegar and a dropper so they can make their own fizzy green eggs and develop their fine motor skills too!

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Lorax Earth Day Slime

Combine science, sensory play, and literacy into one very hands-on activity all kids will love to try!

Little Bins for Little Hands created this idea for The Lorax-inspired Earth Slime that combines two batches of green and blue slime to create a wonderful sensory activity.


Have you ever made Oobleck? It’s a really unusual project that kids will love. Not only is it fun to make and good for sensory play, but it is also a science experiment, and can be both a liquid AND a solid!

Natural Beach Living created some exciting Dr Seuss oobleck, using Bartholomew and the Oobleck as inspiration for the vibrant green colour.

Truffula Tree Sensory Bin

Lorax sensory bin for dr seuss sensory activities

“I am going to plant a Truffula tree”
“Look, the Truffula trees grow in patches of 10”

“If I have 4 patches of 10, then I have 40 Truffula trees.”

Lemon Lime Adventures created a fun Lorax-inspired sensory bin for her sons, using striped paper straws, yarn, styrofoam circles, Easter grass and other household items.

Creating their “patches of 10” and the methodical work of cutting the yarn and placing it into the ends of the straws was a great hands-on activity. It took concentration and motivation to complete all 40 Truffula trees, and reinforced the language and concepts found in the book.

Fox in Socks Sensory Bin

After reading Fox in Socks, Catch a Star Ideas created a themed sensory bin for the children to sort socks by colour, texture, size and pattern. They can then practice folding the socks, which is a great fine motor workout for little hands.

A few mystery items hidden in some of the socks for the children to guess based purely on touch-and-feel, is a fun addition. As is a little clothesline for the children to hang up the matching pairs.


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Green Eggs and Ham Sensory Bin

Green Eggs and Ham is one of the most popular Dr Seuss books, and this themed sensory bin we found on Pinterest is a great activity to do alongside story time.

Using green lentils or coloured rice for the base, add cut up straws and mini pom poms, some hand-drawn ‘green eggs’ and some green plastic eggs that can be filled, rolled and played with. A toy frying pan and kitchen tools, tongs, spatula, scoops and funnels would also make a great addition.

Cat in the Hat Slime

cat in the hat slime for Dr seuss sensory activities

The Cat in the Hat is a classic children’s book every kid should read or have read to him/her. This Dr Seuss The Cat in the Hat slime from Little Bins for Little Hands would also make an awesome Cat in the Hat party idea!

Creating both a white glue slime and a clear glue slime gives a unique look to this fun Dr Seuss slime, and it can last for quite a while, even months, with the right storage method.

Fox and Socks Sensory Bottle

The silly tongue-twisters in Fox in Socks are fun to read and fun to hear, particularly the epic tongue-twister at the end about the Tweetle Beetles and their fierce battles in a bottle (on a poodle eating noodles).

This Fox in Socks sensory bottle from Mad in Crafts is quick, easy and cheap to make and can be enjoyed over and over again. You can also use it for colour recognition or math games with the numbered bugs.

Cat in the Hat Play Dough

cat in the hat playdough for dr seuss sensory activities

The contrasting red and white is so true to Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat that children will instantly recognise it.

Using a selection of store cupboard ingredients, Fun A Day created a hands-on, sensory activity that kids will really enjoy. Make shapes, stripes and patterns or design your own Cat in the Hat with the addition of black pipe cleaners.

Dr Seuss Alphabet Sensory Bin

After reading any of the Dr Seuss’s classics like ABC or The Cat in the Hat, introduce this sensory bin from Lessons 4 Learners to your children and encourage them to explore!

Using coloured rice, plastic letters, pom poms, scoops, funnels and any other tactile items, this Dr Seuss sensory bin is a quick way to entertain young children.

15 Whimsical Dr Seuss Sensory Activities and Play Ideas for Kids - Mykidstime

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