30 Life Skills Every Kid Should Learn


Have you heard the term “helicopter parents”? This refers to a type of modern parenting where some parents have a tendency to swoop in and do everything for their children. Frank A. Clark said, “The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them”. So here are 30 Life Skills Every Kid Should Learn:

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From tying shoelaces to riding a bike to being able to say sorry if you’ve made a mistake. These are skills that will stand your child in good stead as they set off on their life.


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30 Life Skills Every Kid Should Learn

1. How to swim
2. How to cook a healthy meal for themselves
3. How to budget and pay bills
4. How to put on laundry
5. Learn another language
6. How to have good manners
7. How to be gracious in losing
8. How to be a good team member
9. How to have empathy
10. How to boil an egg
11. How to unblock a drain
12. How to tie shoelaces
13. How to ride a bicycle
14. How to change a plug
15. How to fix a puncture on bike (or change a car tyre)
16. How to light a fire
17. How to wash windows
18. How to set a mouse trap
19. How to neatly wrap a gift
20. How to write a thank you letter
21. How to clean a bathroom
22. How to write a resume/CV
23. How to write a job application letter
24. How to change a light bulb
25. How to make a cup of tea or coffee
26. How to bake bread
27. How to make a bed
28. How to tell the truth
29. How to ask for help
30. How to say sorry


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Over to you now! Is there any other life skill you would add to our list? Share it with us in the comments below!

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