40 Chores for Kids Depending on their Age

chores for kids

Every child likes to add to their pocket money with chores around the house and garden. And I’m sure every parent thinks chores for kids can be a great help; keeping them busy and possibly meaning less chores for them. Using a chore chart helps them earn stars and pocket money too. Here is a list of 40 chores for kids appropriate to their age.

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Chores for Kids Aged 4 to 8 years old

  1. Putting toys away tidily
  2. Making their bed…..properly
  3. Sweeping up leaves in the garden
  4. Helping to plant flowers in the garden
  5. Weeding the garden
  6. Water the plants
  7. Sweeping up around the house
  8. Dusting and Polishing (anything without ornaments that can be broken)
  9. Putting their washing away
  10. Set the table
  11. Clearing table
  12. Supervised washing up
  13. Supervised cooking
  14. Tidying up magazines and books

chores for kids

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Chores for Kids Aged 9 to 12 years old

All of the above plus:-

  1. Vacuum cleaning
  2. Washing up
  3. Filling and emptying dishwasher
  4. Sorting the laundry for washing
  5. Hanging out the washing
  6. Putting clothes away
  7. Feeding the pets
  8. Mopping the floor
  9. Keeping their bedroom clean and tidy
  10. Baking cakes (with help)
  11. Making their own packed lunch
  12. Playing games with younger siblings

chores for kids

Chores for Kids Ages 13 years old and up

All of the above plus:-

  1. Washing the car
  2. Walking the dog
  3. Cleaning windows
  4. Cooking simple breakfast / lunch / supper
  5. Ironing
  6. Getting the shopping
  7. Putting shopping away
  8. Babysitting
  9. Changing bed sheets
  10. Putting rubbish out
  11. Mow the lawn
  12. Clean the bathroom
  13. Clean the kitchen
  14. Reading to their younger siblings

chores for kids

Over to you! What chores do you devise for your kids to do around the house and garden? Share them in the comments below.

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