18 Easy Science Experiments Perfect for Preschoolers

Amy Louise

September 9, 2019

easy science experiments for preschoolers

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Looking for some fun things to do with preschoolers? How about some science? Science projects are the perfect messy fun, and so appeal to young kids, and they are packed full of learning opportunities, thus appealing to parents! Here are 18 Easy Science Experiments that are Perfect for Preschoolers and Toddlers.

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These easy science experiments are perfect for preschool aged children. Many of them would be great for older children too so they could be enjoyed together as a family activity.

Easy Science Experiments for Preschoolers

#1. Ice and Salt Experiment

I think I enjoyed this experiment just as much as Little N (toddler). A fascinating experiment as you observe the salt melting craters into the ice, that’s where the colouring seeps through and creates beautiful coloured tunnels!

Easy science experiments for preschoolers

Image courtesy of Learning & Exploring Through Play

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#2. Colour Mixing on Coffee Filters

Using primary colours (red, yellow and blue) why not explore the different secondary colours you can create? Get the instructions over at Messy Little Monster.

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of Messy Little Monster

#3. Glow in the Dark Activities

Waterbeads are a wonderful sensory experience, I love the twist here of making them glow in the dark! You’ll find the details on the Go Science Girls blog.

easy science experiments glow in the dark waterbeads

Image courtesy of Go Science Girls

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#4. Pop, Rock Balloons

This is a great idea from A Little Pinch of Perfect. As the Pop Rocks and the soda make little bubbles, when they pop, the air inside the bubbles fills the balloon right in front of your very eyes! Great fun. I’m looking forward to doing this with my Preschooler! She will love it!

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of A Little Pinch of Perfect

#5. Create Fizzy Lemonade

What a fun idea! Why not let your preschool create their very own edible drink? This Fizzing Lemonade experiment from Learnwithplayathome.com is the perfect little experiment before meal time.

5 Preschool Science

Image courtesy of Learn with Play at Home

#6. Simple Colour Mixing Science

Simple? Fun? Educational? – Check!

Sometimes the most simple set-ups are enjoyed the most. Most preschoolers LOVE water play. Try this easy science experiment idea from My Mundane and Miraculous Life. Simply add some food colouring and away they go, creating lots of different colours!

Easy Science experiments

Image courtesy of My Mundane and Miraculous Life

#7. Little Scientist Space

Perhaps you just want to create a space that offers lots of experimenting and imaginative play? Epic Childhood has some great ideas for little scientists in this article, where they share their set-up.

Easy science experiments

Image courtesy of Epic Childhood

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#8. Colourful Milk Experiment

This is such a fascinating experiment, so go and check out this colourful milk experiement on Crafts by Amanda. There is a great video to go along with it too. I guarantee you will want to try this yourself!

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of Crafts by Amanda

#9. Walking Water

This activity is pretty awesome! A beautiful rainbow experiment, creating colours through walking water, you’ll find the instructions on Parenting Chaos. Using some simple tools your little ones will look on in amazement as new colours are created before their very eyes!

Easy Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Image courtesy of Parenting Chaos

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#10. Water Bottle Fountain

Add a twist to your water play and create your very own fountain! This water bottle fountain experiment from Learn with Play at Home allows children to see that air takes up room and is always present even though we can’t see it.

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of Learn with Play at Home

#11. Oil and Water Discover Bottles

Children of this age love transferring, filling and emptying containers. By adding a couple of simple ingredients you can extend their play by allowing them to explore changes that take place. Get the instructions over at Play Trains.

Easy science experiments

Image courtesy of Play Trains

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1#2. Rainbow Eruptions

How beautiful do these rainbow eruptions look? A firm favourite over at Learn Play Imagine and I can see why too! The photos look like you’re having so much fun! Using 2 simple ingredients you too could be enjoying rainbow eruptions with your little ones.

Easy Science experiments for preschoolers

Image courtesy of Learn Play Imagine

#13. Fireworks in a Jar

Is your little one fascinated with colours and fireworks? Then this project from I Can Teach My Child is for you! The great thing about this experiment is you will most likely have all the ingredients you need at home already.

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of I Can Teach My Child

#14. Colouring Flowers/Vegetables

After looking into this activity I was blown away by the different variations of this experiment and I just HAVE to share a handful of them with you here. Here is a collection of my favourites:

14 Preschool Science

#15. Soap Clouds

Now this is something I have never tried before but it looks awesome! I love the name of it too ‘soap clouds’, and it must smell divine. Great for sensory play and your children can stand and watch the ‘cloud’ forming too. Get the details at Our Best Bites.

Easy Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Image courtesy of Our Best Bites

#16. Rainbow Paper

Wow, just look how effective this rainbow paper is and it only takes 5 minutes to create! The project and instructions can be found at The Science Kiddo.

Easy Science Experiments

Image courtesy of The Science Kiddo

#17. Sink or Float

This couldn’t be easier – a container of water and a hunt around the home for items, is all that’s needed. Enjoy this Sink or Float experiment from The Joys of Boys and take it in turns to predict if you think an item will sink or float. A great way to teach mathematical concepts too!

Easy Science experiments

Image courtesy of The Joys of Boys

#18. Cress Heads

This cress heads experiment will teach children about what plants need to grow. The great thing about cress is that it grows pretty quickly too!

Cress Heads

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Stop by Learning and Exploring Through Play for lots more ideas for activities for little learners.

Have your say! Any suggestions for other easy science experiments for young kids? Share your ideas in comments below.

18 Easy Science Experiments Perfect for Preschoolers

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