Get Creative! 12 Funky Crafts for Kids Aged 8-12 yrs


Looking for activities that will unplug your tweens? Fed up hearing “I’m bored” from your older kids? Here are 12 funky crafts for kids aged 8 to 12 yrs, who are ready to move onto bigger and more complicated crafts.

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Your older kids and tweens are perhaps coming to a point where the usual crafts holds no interest, and they are able and interested in some crafts they can lead by themselves. While you will still need to be on hand for some aspects of these projects, your kids will love the independence to get creative.

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Quirky Crafts for Kids

#1. Winter Terrariums

Mini Winter Terrarium for funky crafts for kids – Mykidstime

These mini terrariums from Babble Dabble Do are a great winter activity. Using pebbles, salt, moss and plastic animals, these terrariums are suited to any age.

You could also equally create a summer version, with sand instead of salt.

#2. Craft Stick Crows

Craft stick crows for funky crafts for kids – Mykidstime

Popsicle stick crafts are always great as they don’t require much in the way of space or materials – if you see packs of sticks, it’s always worth picking some up for a craft session.

How cute are these little craft stick crows from Kids Activities Blog? Using supplies you most likely have in your craft box (or that you can easily find in stores), your child could make their own crows or try parrots, robins or distinctive pink flamingos.

#3. Fall Egg Carton Wreath

Egg carton wreath for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

Egg carton wreaths are a great way of recycling egg cartons that normally end up in the bin, and would be a fun craft for older kids.

This wreath from The Crafty Crow uses different flower styles to create a real showstopper. You could vary the colours and style of the flowers for the differing seasons, and these would be perfect to hang on your child’s bedroom door or as a table centrepiece.

#4. Silhouette Lanterns

Silhouette lanterns for funky crafts - Mykidstime

Silhouette lanterns can be easily made with jars, spray paint, and a paint marker, and can look very effective.

Adventure in a Box created these spooky Halloween lanterns, but you could tweak your design for other seasons or just whatever takes your fancy!

#5. Parachute Cord (Paracord) Bracelets

Paracord bracelet for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

Similar to loom bracelets which were incredibly popular, these paracord bracelets look great, and will appeal to kids, as they can be unravelled to provide a usable length of parachute cord if ever needed!

Frugal Fun gives you a full step-by-step with pictures for creating these particular paracord bracelets.

#6. Make a Mini Minion

Mini Minion for funky crafts - Mykidstime

Minions will always be popular and these cute little guys will also allow your kids to get some sewing experience.

Busy Kids Happy Mom gives a great tutorial to get your started with sewing your own little minion.

#7. Cosmic Sun-catchers

Suncatcher for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

Let the colours flow with these fun cosmic sun-catchers from Babble Dabble Do! If your kids are learning about the environment, they will love that these are made from recycled materials, and are super quick to make.

#8. Folded Paper Bracelets

Paper bracelets for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

These folded paper bracelets are a neat way to upcycle your artwork. Use old paintings, even scrap art, to make a bespoke bracelet. It’s such a great way of repurposing all the treasured artwork pinned to the fridge or stacked in piles. Don’t panic if you don’t have artwork to spare, different coloured craft paper is just as good.

Picklebums has step-by-step instructions to make this fun bracelet idea – you could even go big and make a crown!

#9. Glue Batik T-Shirt

glue batik tshirt for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

Originally from Indonesia, Batik is usually made by using wax to create a design on textiles, then dye the cloth, which resists the wax. Batik has symbolic meanings in its colours and designs, and people use the craft to express themselves.

Kid World Citizen shows how kids can discover their inner designer with these batik t-shirt designs using craft glue in place of wax.

#10. Make a Vehicle

This rubber band powered car from Inspiration Laboratories will appeal to your young engineers, and apart from the rubber bands, you will probably have most of the materials lying about the house already.

#11. Flip Your Lid Upcycle Lockets

Lockets for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

These upcycle lockets from Doodle and Jots are another great craft project which makes use of recycled materials about the house.

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#12. Star Wars Tin Can Lanterns

lanterns for funky crafts for kids - Mykidstime

These Star Wars tin can lanterns from Frugal Fun would be simple for older kids to make, and look great.

Not a Star Wars fan? No problem! Any pattern or design can be created – just draw what you want, and then use hammer and nails to create the design and bring your look to life!

What other projects and crafts are popular in your house? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Get Creative with 12 Funky Crafts for kids - Mykidstime

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