5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids to Try at Home


To celebrate Science Week, here are five fun science experiments for kids to try at home.

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#1. Invisible Ink experiment

science-invisible-inkHave fun composing lots of secret messages for your friends and family in our easy Invisible Ink experiment.

You can make your own Invisible Ink at home, all you need is some lemon juice to write with and then some iodine to reveal your secret message.

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#2. Red Cabbage Indicator experiment

red_cabbageIn this easy Red Cabbage Indicator experiment, the red cabbage tells you whether a substance is acid or alkili.  All you need is some red cabbage, water, vinegar and baking soda.

Now watch and see what happens to the colour of the cabbage!

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#3. Non-Newtonian Fluid experiment

science-non-newtonianLearn all about non-Newtonian fluids including ketchup, silly putty and quicksand in our Non-Newtonian Fluid experiment.

All you need is some Cornstarch, some water and if you want to add food colouring for a bit of fun you can.

#4. Make Your Own Slime!

SlimeIn our easy Make Slime home experiment, you get to make your own polymers!  You will need some white liquid glue, borax powder and some food colouring if you like it green!

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#5. Pepper and Water Science Magic Trick

This is an extremely easy science magic trick that you can perform using pepper, water, and detergent. The trick illustrates the effect of detergent on the surface tension of water.


Experiments #1-4 provided courtesy of The School of Chemistry at NUI Galway

Did you try any of our experiments? How did they go? Tell us in the comments below!



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