How to Make Gardening Fun for Kids


October 20, 2021

Gardening fun for kids

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Looking for ways to get your child out and active in the fresh air? Want to encourage them to grow something? Here are 12 tips for how to make gardening fun for kids.

Most kids love planting seeds and getting down and dirty with soil and pots! And then when the thing they have planted appears and grows bigger, it’s lovely to see their enthusiasm and excitement.

How to Make Gardening Fun for Kids

#1. Invest in small tools

Small tools that the kids can use are great as they can dig alongside you then. I bought a little gardening set for my daughters that had a small trowel, small fork and a mat to lean their knees on.

#2. Use a Magnifying Glass

Take out a magnifying glass into the garden and have your child see how many worms, bugs etc. they can spot. This turns the garden into a fun exciting place to explore.

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#3. “Bulb Races”

Plant bulbs and see whose bulb grows the fastest and flowers first.

#4. Give Your Child Their Own Mini Garden

Let each child have their own patch where they can sow seeds of their own.

#5. Sow Their Name in Seeds

Sow seeds in the shape of your child’s name in seeds, e.g. pansies. You can buy some flower packets that give you the tape to mark out their name and the seeds go on the tape then and get covered in soil.

#6. Measure as Things Grow

gardening fun for kids

Watching the sunflowers or beans grow taller, and measuring them every week is super fun for kids. Have a little notebook where they can write down the height each week and track the growth.

#7. Kids Adore Watering

Get the wellies on, hand over the watering can and/or hose, and let them at it…!

#8. Use the Garden to Encourage Wildlife

Plant butterfly-friendly flowers to encourage garden wildlife. Build a bug hotel and make sure to leave a corner with some wood and leaf debris for other insects and hedgehogs to hide under.

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#9. Plant Things to Eat

tips and hints for growing veg

Planting things to eat e.g. cress, rocket leaves, vegetables. Here’s how to grow a pizza garden and you might also enjoy growing your own salad bowl.

#10. Get the Kids Weeding

They naturally want to pull on things so getting them weeding is handy! Show them which plants are weeds and which are to be left.

#11. Try Some Surprising Colour

Try planting some unusual varieties of veggies, for example purple carrots, striped beets, ‘Easter egg’ radishes.

#12. Visit a Garden Centre

Garden centres are fun places to take kids as they enjoy wandering in and out of the plants and containers. For more inspiration, why not visit a garden centre or gardens near you?

How to Make Gardening Fun for Kids - Mykidstime

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