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planting projects for kids

12 Playful Planting Projects For Kids To Try At Home

From avocados to carrot tops to pineapples, have fun introducing your child to gardening with these easy growing projects. They'll definitely enjoy these 12...
easy to grow vegetables for first time gardeners

10 Easy To Grow Vegetables For First Time Gardeners

Growing your own vegetables, and gardening in general, are really satisfying! If you've never grown any vegetables before and need some good ones to...
how to grow sunflowers

Top Tips For How To Grow Sunflowers Successfully

Thinking of growing sunflowers with your child? They are a fun, bright flower to grow and you can even harvest their edible seeds as...
Creative Garden Crafts For Kids

You Will Love These 11 Creative Garden Crafts for Kids

I love it when the sun comes out and the kids can get outdoors more often. Best of all, we can move our art...
Boy in garden doing chores

10 Great Garden Chores For Kids That They Are Sure To Enjoy

With the weather getting warmer, plants and flowers are blooming, and our thoughts turn once again to our gardens. Kids love nothing better than...
Grow your own cress dinosaur innocent drinks

7 Fun Ways To Grow Cress That Kids Will Love

Are you looking to introduce your child to growing their own? Maybe you want them to gain an understanding of where food comes from?...
how to grow garlic

All You Need To Know About How To Grow Garlic

Growing your own garlic is much easier than you might realise. It's quite low maintenance and you can also keep growing it continuously. As well...
nature activities for kids in your garden lead

The 10 Best Nature Activities For Kids to Do in Your Own Garden

Looking to get the kids outside? Wondering how you can make your garden more interesting for your kids? Here are the 10 best nature activities...