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Creative Garden Crafts For Kids

You Will Love These 11 Creative Garden Crafts for Kids

I love it when the sun comes out and the kids can get outdoors more often. Best of all, we can move our art...
Grow your own cress dinosaur innocent drinks

7 Fun Ways To Grow Cress That Kids Will Love

Are you looking to introduce your child to growing their own? Maybe you want them to gain an understanding of where food comes from?...
how to make gardening fun for kids

Here’s How To Make Gardening Fun For Kids

Looking for ways to get your child out and active in the fresh air? Want to encourage them to grow something? Here are 12...
gardening with your kids tips to encourage your kids to garden

Top Tips to Help Get Your Kids Into Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful hobby with plenty of benefits to the mind and body. But not enough people are gardening these days. And what’s...
how to create a child friendly garden grow your own area

5 Tips for How to Create a Child-Friendly Garden that is Stylish and Functional

Are you looking for ideas for making your garden child-friendly? Does your garden need a bit of a make over? Here are some tips...
Butterfly garden

How to Make a Butterfly Garden With Your Kids

One of the best ways to tempt children into a healthy and fun relationship with the outside world this summer is watching wildlife –...
Cress Heads

Try Your Hand at Growing These Crackin’ Cress Heads

If you are looking for a first 'grow your own' project for kids, try your hand at these crackin' cress heads – they require...
Pizza garden

How to Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Does your family like pizza? We have a great idea for a family gardening project that we're sure will be popular – read on...