10 Fun Ideas for Entertaining Preschoolers at Home

Jill Holtz

October 20, 2019

10 Fun Ideas For Entertaining Preschoolers At Home

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Here are some ideas for entertaining preschoolers at home. Yes sometimes it can get tedious being the “zookeeper” for the 14th time in an hour but just think, in a blink of an eye it will be all iPhones and Xboxes, so enjoy this phase!

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Sometimes I think the preschool phase is the toughest for parents, because kids of that age require more amusing and can’t be doing so much for themselves. So here are 10 ideas to help you amuse your preschooler at home.

Entertaining Preschoolers at Home

#1. Have a Colour Day

Choose a colour then ask your preschooler to find and wear clothes that colour, eat food that colour, find a toy that colour, etc.

This is a great way for younger kids to learn their colours and also to get children to try and eat new foods!

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#2. Dressing Up

kids clothing

An age old favourite. The dress up box is always a hit in our house. We have old costumes and clothes, scarves, hats, face paints, jewellery, wigs. You can pick great stuff in the charity shops. Always great fun, why should dressing up be limited to Halloween?

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#3. Make Gloop

Mix cornflour and water and some food colouring (optional) until it forms a thick paste. It will run through your fingers when you try to lift it but if you pat it it is hard. Lots of fun for parents and kids.

“The very weird texture will make even big kids laugh. It also washes out of clothes easily and it doesn’t matter if it gets eaten because it’s natural so even small toddlers or babies in their high-chair can join in the fun!”, Sarah D

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#4. Arts and Crafts

An arts and crafts box is an essential for any preschooler! Now I am not artistic but my preschoolers have not realised this yet. The Euro / Poundsaver shops are a great place for picking up supplies. A tube of glitter, some pipe cleaners and child friendly glue can easily fill a couple of hours.

We then have viewings where we hang up the art, have some glasses of juice and some snacks and invite the grandparents or aunts & uncles around to view and choose their favourites!

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#5. Cooking/Baking

Child cooking

We love making salads, Rice Krispie Buns, pizza, sandwiches and desserts.

There are loads of foods that preschoolers can safely help with making, and if they make it themselves you can be guaranteed they will eat it.

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#6. Music and Dancing

Be it nursery rhymes or heavy metal, dance a half hour away around the house.

A child is never too young to be introduced to different types of music, and we have some playlists with favourite tunes that we created on Spotify that are great to put on and play.

#7. Bedtime Races

best bedtime excuses from kids

This was introduced to our house when our daughter was a baby and we would try and tire her out before bedtime in an attempt to get her to sleep through the night!

It has developed over the years but most nights before pyjamas, the kids have races, running, crawling, hopping, backwards etc. It’s always fun and it does burn off any excess energy before bedtime!

#8. Imaginary Games

We play shop, bank, post office, pilots, bus driver, hairdressers (a good one to distract, particularly if you have a curly haired child and you need to remove tangles!) …. The kitchen chairs are lined up to make whatever scene we are playing.

#9. Cardboard Box Fun

10 Fun Ideas For Entertaining Preschoolers At Home

You know the saying – give a child a toy and they will have more fun playing with the box.

Make a playhouse or bus or car out of a cardboard box. Here are 17 Cute Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids to get you started.

#10. Watery Fun

My daughter, when she was 3, loved nothing more than a jug of water, various plastic bowls, spoons and the freedom to pour and splash and mix. I would set her up on the kitchen floor so I could just mop it all up afterwards.

Or head outdoors to “paint” the wall or fence. A paint brush, bucket of water and a wall out the back never fails to entertain in this house.

Over to you now. We’re always looking for more ideas to entertain preschoolers so do share your ideas in the comments below!

10 Fun Ideas For Entertaining Preschoolers At Home

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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