20 of the Best Outdoor Activities for Toddlers


Play is an important way that toddlers learn and the preschool years should be filled with fun play that also helps your child learn. So, if you have had enough of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, here’s 20 of the Best Outdoor Activities for Toddlers to get you and your little one active outside and having fun!

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#1. Get Creative

If the day is not too windy just pack up the paints and drawing pads and head outside for an outdoor painting session. Hang each painting on the clothesline to dry and you will also be creating your very own outdoor art gallery!

Why not invite friends and family over to view the masterpieces.  And best of all there will be no mess indoors to clean up!

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Bubble#2. Blow Bubbles

Use wands of different sizes to create bubbles for your children to catch and chase. Don’t worry if you run out of mixture we have a recipe for making your own bubble mixture.

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#3. Go to the playground

A trip to the playground is always great fun even if you have play equipment in your garden.

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obstacle course#4. Obstacle Course

Create a simple obstacle course for your toddler to complete. Have a look in the shed for things they can use.

  • A paddling pool filled with plastic balls makes a great homemade ball pool.
  • A fishing net can be used to pick up small objects and move them from one place to another.
  • Use a soup ladle to transfer water between containers.
  • Throw in some simple jumping and skipping sections and your little and not so little ones will be amused for hours.

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#5. Play Outdoor Ball Games

Set up goals in the garden or park and let your little practice kicking the ball past you! Or place a bucket or plastic basin on the ground and see if they can throw a soft ball into it. Get them to move further away each time!

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Jumping in Puddles#6. Jumping in Puddles

Who doesn’t love jumping in puddles? Put on the wellies and rain gear and out you go. They can always go in the bath afterwards.

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#7. Take a Trip to the Beach

Pack up the buckets and spades and head off to the beach. Build sandcastles, take turns burying each other or go paddling.

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Muddy hand#8. Catch Some Critters

Go on a bug hunt with your toddler and see how many different insects you can find. If you are struggling to find them just search under a stone, pot or piece of wood and you are bound to find plenty!

Download our free bug scavenger hunt sheet to use.

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#9. Go on a picnic

Pack a simple picnic and head off to your favourite park or bench and enjoy eating outdoors.

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balloons in sky#10. Windy Day Activities

A kite is great but small children will find it difficult to use, instead blow up a balloon, add string, and watch how it moves in the wind and struggles to get free! Add some rice to another balloon so see how this alters the movement. Or buy a pinwheel and see how quickly it turns in the wind.

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