50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids

Jill Holtz

February 24, 2015

Dad and daughter on the sand for Things to do at the beach

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Whatever the season we love to head to the beach. You”ll never be stuck for beach ideas again, with our list of 50 interesting things to do at the beach with kids, from spotting seabirds to racing seashells or even hunting for fossils, and lots more too!

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The beach is such a great day out or vacation idea for families, and there’s lots to do. Take a look at our round-up of things to do at the beach that are fun, educational and bound to leave lasting memories!

Check out our beach checklist for lots of tips on what to take with you for a beach trip, and don’t forget to keep safe around water.

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Things to Do at the Beach With Kids

#1. Collect Shells

Child collecting shells on the sand for things to do at the beach

See how many different colours, different sizes and different types of shells you can find.

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#2. Go Paddling

If weather permits, have a paddle at the edge of the sea and enjoy the sand and water between your toes.

#3. Make a Mermaid

Draw her outline with a nice curvy tail then use

  • seaweed for her hair
  • shells for her tail scales and
  • two large stones for her bikini top.

#4. Build Sandcastles

Child building sand castles on the beach

One of the class things to do at the beach! Don’t forget the moat and decorate your sandcastle with shells and stones.

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#5. Build a Channel to the Sea

Dig out a big channel from the sea back to your sandcastle to fill the moat.

#6. Explore a Rock Pool

Take a net and explore a rock pool. See if you can find an anemone or a hermit crab (one that takes another new shell every time it outgrows the old one).

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#7. Make Footprints

Make giant or baby footprints from stones in the sand. Draw the outline of your foot and your child’s foot, on the sand with your finger/stick and then collect some interesting stones and pebbles to decorate the foot shape, not forgetting the toes!

#8. Hunt for Footprints

Go barefoot and make footprints in the sand and then follow other footprints that you find. You might see bird tracks or dog paw tracks or different shoe or feet sizes.

#9. BodyBoarding

Have fun BodyBoarding in the waves. Or progress to a bit of surfing if you master that!

#10. Write Your Name in the Sand

Use your finger, or a piece of driftwood and write big letters to make your name in the sand.

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