8 Stunning Shell Crafts for Kids to Make and Keep


June 19, 2022

Shell crafts

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Is there anything more fun than heading to the beach and filling buckets with treasures that you find along the shore? Top of the list are wonderful seashells in all shapes, sizes and colours. Here are 8 stunning shell crafts for kids to make and keep, and ensure your beach trip memories last all year.

Rain or shine, a walk on the beach is an endorphin rush! Seeing the waves, smelling the salty air and feeling the sand is a sensory delight that kids just love.

Whenever you next visit the beach, bring a bucket, bag or container with you and collect as many different types and colours of shells as you can, then head home and put the shells to some creative use with these fun shell crafts.

Get Creative with These Fun Shell Crafts

#1. Shell People

Shell crafts

Using shells, lolly pop sticks and string, your kids can create cute shell people to play with. I love these ones from Let’s Do Something Crafty.

#2. Shell Pets

shell crafts for kids

Collect your favourite seashells and wash them well. Glue on other smaller shells or googly eyes and felt ears to create a shell pet that can be taken anywhere and does not need feeding or looking after when you go on holidays!

Crafts By Amanda shares step-by-step instructions to make these cute seashell creatures, using shells, air-dry clay, paint, glue, and your imagination!

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#3. Sea Shell Rainbows

Shell crafts - dyeing seashells

Why not dye your seashells different colours and use them to create shell necklaces, people, pets or a cool rainbow art collage? Over on The Educators’ Spin On It they use leftover Easter Egg Dye!

#4. Shell Fossils

Shell crafts - fossils

Using salt dough and shells, create fun fossils that you can keep long after the summer has ended. The Imagination Tree has full instructions.

They would be great to use for an explorers themed birthday party.


The beach is such a fun place to explore! If you’re planning a trip to the beach, why not check out our fun Beach Scavenger Hunt for kids?

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beach scavenger hunt

#5. Shell Magnets

Shell crafts - magnets

What a great idea for repurposing your beach finds! Red Ted Art created these adorable little crab fridge beach magnets using some paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and button magnets.

#6. Painted Seashells

Shell crafts - painted shells

For younger children, they will get hours of fun from painting their white shells with all the colours of the rainbow. Afterwards you could add them to a storage jar or bowl to make a seaside themed decoration. I love the colours used on these shells over on Pink and Green Mama.

#7. Shell Flowerpots

Customise your flowerpots by adding seashells to them using craft or hot glue. You can experiment with designs or cover the whole pot with a collection of the same or different shells. It is a good idea to start at the top of the pot, add a row that sticks above the rim and work your way down.

Shell Wall Art

Create your own monogram wall art with this shell art idea from Purple Hues and Me. Use a cardboard cut out of the letter to stick the shells to, then mount and frame it as a keepsake.

8 Stunning Shell Crafts for Kids to Make and Keep - Mykidstime

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