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Jill Holtz

January 3, 2020

Beach scavenger hunt lead - Mykidstime

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The beach is such a fun place to explore with so many exciting ‘treasures’ to find along the way, from shells and sea creatures to driftwood and seaweed. If you’re planning a trip to the beach, why not check out our fun Beach Scavenger Hunt for kids?

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Heading to the beach is one of my family’s favourite activities. We always seem to find the most interesting things at the beach. From shells to pretty pebbles to crabs and anemones, it’s an ideal place for a scavenger hunt.

Download our free beach scavenger hunt that you can print and take with you. Our beach checklist might come in handy too!

What to Find On a Beach Scavenger Hunt

There is lots to find at the beach – pebbles, stones, driftwood, seaweed and shells that you can then use for shell crafts or a shell art picture when you get home)

Don’t forget about the wildlife – crabs, sea creatures, sandworms, sea gulls – there’s plenty to spot when you start looking!

And don’t forget to be an environmentally-friendly beach-goer too. If you come across any rubbish that others have left behind, pick it up and bin it so that the beach stays as fun and family-friendly as possible.

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Beach Scavenger Hunt Download - Mykidstime

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