10 Mega Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

scavenger hunt ideas for kids

Scavenger hunts are great fun for kids as they adore the thrill of hunting. It’s also a great excuse to get them active outdoors, so a win-win for everyone! Here are 10 mega fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids – to turn your little darlings into mini-explorers.

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#1. How to Hold a Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Never held a scavenger hunt for kids before? Here are some simple to follow instructions to get you started.

This will tell you

  • what you need,
  • what a hunt is,
  • how to get started and
  • it gives an example of a fun hunt that the parent had with their kids around the neighbourhood.

#2. Sound Scavenger Hunt

How about something completely different? Instead of searching for things, go on a hunt for sounds.

Who knew there were so many sounds outside? We live in such a busy world that often our brains just ignore the sounds. So taking a half hour to go outside and listen can be very educational.

From leaves rustling to bird song, we guarantee the kids will get right into listening mode.

#3. Kids Love Bugs

ladybirdIt’s a fact. Kids love bugs. So get organised and hold our Big Bug Scavenger Hunt.

You’ll have fun finding a variety of bugs and the great thing about this hunt is you get to learn about the tiny creatures you find too.

Tip: take some plastic containers to put the bugs into and then release them gently afterwards.

#4. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

When the weather just doesn’t allow for an outdoor experience, you can still have fun hunting indoors. Why not try out our sheet and then get the kids to make up their own version?

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#5. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

When you can’t venture far, then even your back garden holds fun things to find! Step outside with our Backyard Scavenger Hunt List and see what you can find, you’ll be amazed when you start looking.

Have you tried Geocaching? You might like to give it a go. Read our guide to Geocaching.

#6. Out for a Walk Scavenger Hunt

Our family tries to take a walk every Sunday at a nearby park. After a while though the novelty wears off so we have started taking out a list of things to find with us and it’s great to see how energised the kids get when they are looking for something.

Download and print our free Scavenger Hunt List: Out for a Walk full of fun things to find as you stroll.

#7. Autumn Scavenger Hunt

autumn leavesAutumn is a great time for a scavenger hunt because you find different things from other seasons as Nature changes during the fall season.

We like to bring back some of our finds and create an Autumn nature display, for example, shiny conkers or a variety of beautifully coloured leaves.

#8. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Focussing in on nature is not only educational but a fun way of spending time together.

Read about my Nature Scavenger Hunt that I planned, the day I had to amuse 6 kids on their holidays!

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#9. Beach Scavenger Hunt

If you live near the sea and visit the beach regularly then you might like to try a hunt on the beach.

Finish up with making some sandcastles or create a mermaid on the sand with seaweed for hair and shells to decorate her tail!

And if you’re going during summer time, you might find our Summer Beach Checklist handy to save you going back in the house a few times!

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#10. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Everyone is stuck indoors as it’s winter time and slowly starting to go stir crazy. Why not bundle up warm and head out for a winter hunt?

We guarantee you’ll enjoy spotting frosty and winter-y items as you slip and slide carefully around the neighbourhood.

Have you tried any of our scavenger hunts? what did you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

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