Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids


It’s the school holidays and you’re looking for ideas to amuse the kids. Jill, mum of 2, tells us how her Nature Scavenger Hunt for the Kids went:

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Yesterday I had 6 kids to amuse for a couple of hours so decided to create a Nature Scavenger Hunt for them. They got into pairs and each team of two was given a list of items and a tray to put their finds onto. Here’s the list of items they were asked to find:

  • scavenger hunt for kidsa feather
  • something beginning with S
  • a white flower
  • 3 different leaves
  • something coloured red
  • something edible
  • a rock or stone with different colours in it
  • a seed
  • a twig with a bend in it
  • something soft

Funnily enough, the only one they really had difficulty finding was a feather!

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Over to you now. Have you done a nature scavenger hunt with kids? Tell us how you got on in the comments below.

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