The 10 Best Nature Activities For Kids to Do in Your Own Garden

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Looking to get the kids outside? Wondering how you can make your garden more interesting for your kids? Here are the 10 best nature activities for kids to do in your own garden, which are sure to keep them busy!

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The garden is a great place for kids to learn about nature. From bugs to slugs to growing things, there’s always something going on even if you only have a small garden. Here are 10 fun nature activities you can do with your child.

Nature Activities For Kids To Do In Your Own Garden

#1. Quick Draw

See if you can find an insect, bird or other animal and sketch it before if moves away or notices you.

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#2. Make a Wormery

Using a see through glass or plastic container, add layers of soil and sand and some leaves for food. Find some worms in the garden and add them to the container. See how they tunnel into the ground and help make spaces for roots to grow. Release the worms back into your garden when you have observed them enough.

#3. Set Up a Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Hang a bird feeder in the garden and watch for different bird types that appear. Keep a log of all the different birds that visit your feeder. How many different birds visit each day? And what kinds of birds are they? You could also try to draw the different birds you see.

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#4. Make Nature Collages

Using sticks, leaves, flowers, small stones or seeds to create beautiful nature activities and collages by gluing them onto card or paper. You could make a complete picture or interesting patterns out of the nature things from your garden.

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#5. Make a Whistle from a Blade of Grass

Put your thumbs together with a blade of grass between them. Blow into the gap between your thumbs and you should hear a whistle, if not, just adjust the blade of grass.

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#6. Go On A Bug Hunt


See how many different insects you can find in the garden. Collect them in a jar or tub so that you can see them better with a magnifying glass. Return them to the wild when you have finished! Here’s our free Big Bug Hunt download to use!

#7. Nature Rubbings

Using plain or coloured sheets of paper and crayons, get the children to do rubbings of bark, stones, walls or plants such as ferns or leaves that they can find in the garden.

#8.  Plant Some Seeds

Grow Your OwnGive each child a small patch of garden to grow their own plants. These could be flowers or edible plants like strawberries. If it is easier you could use an old bucket or tub to help identify each child’s patch.

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#9. Make a Terrarium

  • Using a large glass or plastic container with a wide mouth, spread some potting soil or dirt on the bottom then add little plants and bits of grass from outside with the roots still on them.
  • Give them a little water then cover with the jar lid or cling film and an elastic band.
  • Place in a sunny spot and spray lightly with water every week and watch the plants grow.
  • You could measure the growth every week to see how quickly they grow.

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#10. Watch a Slug or Snail Walk

Snail ImageIf you have a clear perspex or other solid see through sheet, suspend it over 2 chairs for this activity. Collect a slug or snail in the garden, these are best found early in the morning or after a rain shower.

Place them on the see through surface and get your child to lie underneath so they can see the way the slug or snail moves. Alternatively place the slug or snail high up on a window or patio door and watch their progress from inside.

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What are your child’s favourite nature activities? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

10 Best Nature Activities For Kids To Do In Your Garden

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