12 of the Most Awesome Garden Activities for Preschoolers this Spring


After the inevitable hibernation that Winter weather brings, once Spring starts, it’s time to get the kids outdoors and into the garden again. But what to do? Here’s 12 of the most Awesome Garden Activities for Preschoolers this Spring – sure to keep the little ones entertained for hours al fresco!

Spring Garden Activities

upcycling wellies#1. Get Planting and Growing

Does your little one enjoy digging and scooping soil in the garden? There are a number of crops that are very easy to grow and your preschooler will be very proud to show off their produce to the rest of the family.

This Gardening for preschoolers will get you started. Make sure to look at the grow times on the seeds you choose as little ones will not have the patience to wait for months to see if a plant will grow! And remember plants will grow in almost anything…..even old wellies.

#2. Have a Garden Scavenger Hunt

Young children may need your help with this activity but they will have great fun finding objects from a list for you. For some help check out our Scavenger Hunt Idea for Kids article.

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Muddy hand#3. Searching for Insects and Bugs

Go on a bug hunt with your preschooler and see how many different insects you can find in the garden. If you are struggling to find them just search under a stone, pot or piece of wood and you are bound to find plenty!

Download our free bug scavenger hunt sheet to use.

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#4. Create a Pizza Garden

Grow the herbs you need to flavour your pizza. Get your toddlers to help look after them and when they are ready, help you prepare delicious pizza. Find out what you need to get your Pizza Garden started.

#5. Create a Fairy Garden in a Tub

GardeningThe is a longer term project that may require a trip to the garden centre, but your preschooler or toddler will have hours of fun looking after their secret fairy garden.

  1. Use a large plant pot or tub and fill it with soil.
  2. Add some small flowering plants like pansies, daisies, snowdrops or primroses.
  3. Add a small amount of grass seed or use some moss, heather or bark chippings, this will help create a magical world.
  4. Add a ceramic house ornament, where the fairies can live.
  5. Decorate your Fairy Garden with light ornaments, suitable for outdoors, or you could add a pinwheel or a solar light to the pot.

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wall mural#6. Painting and Decorating

If your garden wall or fence needs decorating why not create a fun mural on one section? You could draw an outline and get your preschooler to colour it in.

#7. Create a Wormery

Using a see through glass or plastic container, add layers of soil and sand and some leaves for food. Find some worms in the garden and add them to the container. See how they tunnel into the ground and help make spaces for roots to grow. Be sure to release the worms back into your garden when you have observed them enough.

insect hotel#8. Create a Bug and Insect Hotel

Using old bits of wood, pallets, bricks, hollow pipes and stone you can create a beautiful bug and insect hotel. It will not only be a feature for your garden but offers protection to bugs and insects when the weather is cooler.

Check out this Bug Mansion on site Wild About Gardens. You could even give your bugs free wy-fly!

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#9. Make a Bird Bath

Why not encourage more birds into your garden, with a simply made bird-bath. This bird bath project from Childhood 101 is a perfect project for you to do with your preschoolers, using a terracotta pot, and some coloured stones.

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Painted Rocks#10. Rock Decorations

Paint some rocks to use as markers for seeds you have planted, or as pretty decorations for the flower beds.

  1. Gather some smooth stones in the garden or at the beach.
  2. Get some old newspapers or cardboard and take the paints outside and decorate your stones in different colours.
  3. Paint on some clear varnish to make sure that the colours last.

You could also paint some pots which the kids can then use to grow their own seeds.

spring sensory bottle#11. Make a Spring Sensory Bottle

A sensory bottle is a beautiful way to explore the seasons. My Little 3 and Me share how to create your very own Spring Sensory Bottle, which would be great for developing children’s exploration and enjoyment of the wonder of this time of year.

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#12. Have a Snail Race

Snail ImageFind some slugs or snails and place them on a flat surface or on the window or patio door. See whose snail gets to the bottom first. If they need a bit of encouragement you could place some lettuce leaves at the end for them!

What are your preschooler’s favourite Spring Garden Activities? Let us know in the comment box below.

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