10 Great Garden Chores for Kids That They Are Sure to Enjoy


With the weather getting warmer, plants and flowers are blooming, and our thoughts turn once again to our gardens. Kids love nothing better than having a good dig around in the mud, so get them involved in simple garden jobs from a young age. From weeding, to watering, to growing and tending plants, here are 10 Great Garden Chores for Kids That They Are Sure to Enjoy, and ensure you have little helping hands in the garden this year!

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#1. Weeding

Unfortunately weeding is a necessary evil of owning a garden! Teach your children to recognise plants from weeds by getting them to work alongside you. They will enjoy digging up the weeds and seeing the pile grow as they go. Also a good way for them to see how plants grow when they see the roots of the weeds.

#2. Watering Plants

child-watering-flowers559407_640Buy a small watering can for your little ones and let them help water the plants on sunny days. You could give them their own patch or set of pots to look after so they can track the progress. And if you are feeling brave, you could let them loose with the hose!

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#3. Raking Leaves and Cuttings

See if you can source a small rake for your child to use. During the autumn and winter months they can help with the collecting of leaves and for summer months pick up any stray grass or hedge trimmings. They will enjoy making a big pile and helping to dispatch that into your compost pile.

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#4. Picking Ripe Fruit and Vegetables

Plant some strawberry plants, salad leaves and other easy to grow vegetables. When the time comes to pick these get your children to help. This will give them a better understanding of where our food comes from and how tasty food from the garden can be. Be sure to teach them the plants not to eat too.

#5. Planting and Sowing

Planting SeedsWhen the time comes to sow seeds, plants and flowers, get your child to help with the digging of the hole and preparation of the ground for the new plants or seeds.

Show them how to place the plant in the ground and pack the earth around them afterwards to ensure they stay in place. You can buy small garden trowels and gloves. They can water the plants once they have finished.

Consider giving slightly older children their own bed or pots to plant what they wish. They will enjoy seeing plants grow from seeds to edible plants or beautiful flowers .

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#6. Checking for Critters

Have your child check the leaves of larger plants to see if they can spot harmful slugs and insects. It is best if an adult treats the plants affected, but your children can be your eyes.

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#7. Looking after the Birds and other Animals.

american-goldfinches-bird feederIf you have a bird table or feeder, give your child the responsibility of looking after it and ensuring there is plenty of food and drink the birds and other animals that visit your garden. You could also try make your own bird feeder.

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#8. Help with Painting Walls and Fences

If your garden fence or wall is looking tired smarten it up with paint or creosote, with some help from your older kids.

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#9. Taking Care of Outdoor Toys and Games

Outdoor CleaningGive your child the responsibility of ensuring all outdoor toys and games are tided away after use.

Explain that correctly storing toys like balls, rackets, bikes, scooters etc. will prolong their life, and ensure they have them to play with for a long time.

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#10. Deadheading Flowers

Teach your child how to deadhead flowers and plants once they have wilted. Explain that deadheading will give you much better flowers the following year

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Does your child help in the garden? Let us know in the comments box below.

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