15 Easy And Eye-Catching Leaf Craft Ideas For Kids

Leaf craft ideas

This blustery, cosy season will see us surrounded by an abundance of colour on the trees. As these leaves start to fall, they are the perfect source of inspiration for many fun projects, like these 15 seasonal and creative leaf craft ideas for kids.

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These leaf craft ideas for kids are ideal for rainy days, and require just a few craft essentials. The colour and shape of the leaves are the central focus to all of these craft ideas, so keep an eye out for the bright reds, ambers and golds that will bring your projects to life!

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1. Leaf Painting

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Painting

As simple as it sounds, and perfect for even the youngest toddler. Simple Fun For Kids shows how easy it is for little ones. Unleash your creativity with various colours, patterns and designs!

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2. Hammered Leaf Prints

Leaf craft ideas

Hammered Leaf Prints

With just a hammer, leaves and paper you can create a really interesting piece of artwork. The hammering pounds the natural dye out of the leaves on to the paper.

You could make a colour collage of leaf prints or use the technique to make beautiful handmade cards to send to friends and family. Build Make Create Bake did a step-by-step of the process that makes us want to run out to gather leaves and make our own!

Next up: Leaf Rubbing

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3. Leaf Rubbing

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Rubbing

One of the most familiar craft ideas is leaf rubbing. All you need are leaves, crayons and paper. Different leaves have different textures, all of which make interesting patterns and designs on their own or layered with others like in this version by Mama.Papa.Bubba.

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4. Leaf Characters

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Characters

We love these adorable painted leaf owls from My Owl Barn! Create your own little family of owls with various shaped leaves and a mix of both paint and markers.

Next up: Leaf Prints

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5. Leaf Prints

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Prints

Leaf prints are a classic art activity that lends itself to plenty of artistic flair. The bright colours with varying leaf shapes makes a real impact, just like this one by Kleas.

Next up: Leaf Paper Lanterns

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6. Leaf Paper Lanterns

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Paper Lanterns

These are fun, and perfect for lighting up darker autumn evenings. All you need are leaves, greaseproof paper, cardboard for structure and glue or a stapler. Red Ted Art’s top tip is to use lots of smaller leaves, rather than larger ones.

Next up: Leaf Silhouettes

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7. Leaf Silhouettes

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Silhouettes

We’ve seen the effect that painting with leaves can make, now let’s look at painting around the leaves to create a silhouette. Artsy Momma shows us how with this stunning piece which uses fingerprint painting to create the background around the leaf outlines – gorgeous!

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8. Leaf Animals

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Animals

The various colours, shapes and textures of leaves can create everything from butterfly’s wings to a lion’s mane, or layered to replicate feathers or fish scales. We love these animal leaf craft ideas!

Clockwise from top left: Krokotak’s hedgehog using dried leaves is a great rainy day activity; iCreativeIdeas uses a variety of different sized and coloured leaves to create this fantastic underwater scene; even young toddlers will love to make a friendly lion, like this one from Crafty Morning, who also created this while Thanksgiving Turkey as a great way to use autumnal coloured leaves.

Next up: Leaf Bowl

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9. Leaf Bowl

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Bowl

What a fun idea! Check out what To Simple Inspire created with leaves, glue and a balloon – this would make amazing seasonal decor.

For another great alternative that’s colourful, fun and easy to make, check out how to make a button bowl.

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10. Leaf Canvas Prints

Leaf craft ideas

Leaf Canvas Prints

Use leaves and foliage of all different shapes and orientation to create your own wall art with this great technique from HGTV. Change colours, spray strength and patterns to make a whole series of canvas prints.

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11. Glass Leaf Lanterns

Leaf craft ideas

Glass Leaf Lanterns

Spark & Chemistry provides a great step-by-step for these gorgeous glass jar lanterns which use the natural colours of the leaves, twine and candlelight to create a warming glow.

Next up: Leafy Pumpkins

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12. Leafy Pumpkins

Leaf craft ideas

Leafy Pumpkins

Looking for something completely unusual for your pumpkins this year? What about this decorated version from The Sweet Escape? We love the contrast of the white painted pumpkin and the autumnal leaves!

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Which one of these leaf craft ideas is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know – we would love to hear from you!

Leaf craft ideas

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