Fun Guaranteed With These 22 Easy Painting Ideas For Kids

painting ideas for kids

Art is the perfect messy fun for kids and makes for ideal sensory play. So don the old clothes, cover the table and crack open the paint pots – fun is guaranteed with these 22 Easy Painting Ideas for Kids. 

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If you are looking for painting ideas to inspire and prompt your kids, you’ve come to the right place! We have heaps of ideas that are easy to tackle.

Fun Guaranteed With These 22 Easy Painting Ideas For Kids

#1. Ice Painting

I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this painting technique really is for the little ones. If your child enjoys getting their hands messy, this is definitely one to try! Learn with Play at Home and Messy Little Monster have also been busy enjoying Ice Painting!

ice painting
Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

#2. Nature Paintbrushes

These set of Nature Paintbrushes are definitely the most beautiful and inspiring set of Nature brushes I have ever seen! I love how you can combine this activity with a Nature Walk and collect the bits you need together too! Oh and check out Danya Banyas Painting with (and on) Sticks too!

2 nature stick paint brushes
Image courtesy of Messy Little Monster

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#3. Bottle Top Art

This is a process art that I have never considered doing before. How effective is the outcome!! Definitely adding this to our to-do list!

3 Milk Cap Painting A Little Pinch of Perfect 2 copy
Image courtesy of A Little Pinch of Perfect

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#4. Squirty Foam Paint

Now this kind of painting is right up my street. With some simple ingredients and a bit of recycling it’s pretty easy to try out too!

4 squirty foaming paint for kids5
Image courtesy of Learn with Play at Home

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#5. Watercolour Glue Resist Art

This is a great art technique that children of all ages will enjoy. Using watercolours and glue to make shapes and outlines. You’ll find the instructions on Artsy Momma.

5 Kids-Watercolor-and-Glue-Resist-Craft
Image courtesy of Artsy Momma

#6. Rainbow Sidewalk Paint

Want to take art outdoors? How about making some of your own outdoor paint? I love the bottles they use in this activity too! You could also have a go at painting with it on paper like Mama Papa Bubba shows us.

6. Rainbow Erupting Sidewalk Chalk Paint (2)
Image courtesy of Learn Play Imagine

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#7. Shaving Foam Painting

We really love how this turned out! Little N asks to do this activity often.

This activity (along with 150+ more activities) features in a great book we co-authored, that is jam packed full of Learning through Play activities for kids! Find out more about our book here.

Look how Mom Inspired Life enjoyed shaving foam painting on their windows!

7 painting

Image via Learning and Exploring Through Play

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#8. Painted Toast

Looking to spice up breakfast time and start the day on a creative note? How about some colourful, painted toast to eat? Messy Little Monster has the details.

8 painting bread in rainbow colours
Image courtesy of Messy Little Monster

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#9. DIY Bath Paints

Do you enjoy making bath time fun for your little ones? Try making some homemade bath paint (instructions on The Realistic Mama) and giving them the opportunity to get creative while they are in the tub.

bath tub paints
Image courtesy of The Realistic Mama

#10. Fingerprinted Season Keepsake

Not only does this look very effective, it’s a keepsake and provides a cute decoration that you can hang up on you wall all year round! Rhythms of Play have a lovely project to create this seasonal tree art with fingerprints and thumbprints.

season hand and fingerprint tree
Image courtesy of Rhythms of Play

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#11. Spiderweb Art

This is a lovely painting activity from Learn With Play At Home? You could even make your own Handprint Spiders to cut out and add to your colourful webs!

Image courtesy of Learn with Play at Home

#12. Spin Art

Spin art painting is a firm favourite of mine. I remember doing it as a child! It always goes down well with the children, and adults just can’t resist having a go too!

Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

#13. Squirt Gun Painting

Definitely one for outdoors, let the kids loose with paint bottles they can squirt at a big piece of paper!

Image courtesy of Mama Papa Bubba

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#14. Printing with Foam Blocks

Is your child a fan of building with blocks in the construction area but not so keen to paint? Why not combine the two and use the blocks to print?!

painting with blocks
Image courtesy of Rhythms of Play

#15. Mess-Free Painting

Some children are reluctant to get paint on their fingers, while other children continue putting anything and everything into their mouths. Sometimes you only have a quick couple of minutes to do an activity – this mess-free painting activity is great for these moments!

mess free finger painting
Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

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#16. Painting on Salt

Not only a fun canvas to paint on, there is also some great science behind this technique!

ice and salt painting
Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

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# 17. Nebulae Art

What a delightful way to capture your child’s interests through art. If you have a child who is interested in space, have them try Nebulae Art, it’s a lovely, calming, painting technique.

Image courtesy of Mosswood Connections

#18. Painting on Foil

This is purely about the process, but Painting on Foil is also a delightful painting technique with the hands and fingertips! If you have a child who is reluctant to get their hands dirty, use a paintbrush or Q-Tips.

painting on foil
Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

#19. Coffee Filter Painting

Colour mixing with coffee filters is a fun painting process, find the instructions on Messy Little Monster. Children can observe the different colours they create by mixing 2 or more colours together.

coffee filter painting
Image courtesy of Messy Little Monster

#20. Spice Painting

A great painting activity to engage the senses! From textures, to scents, to the colours, spice painting with DIY paints is a fun idea from Mama Papa Bubba.

spice painting
Image courtesy of Mama Papa Bubba

#21. Painting with Playdough Tools

Playdough tools make a great variety of patterns and imprints in Playdough and that’s no different in paint too! Try this fun painting with playdough tools.

painting with playdough tools
Image courtesy of Learning and Exploring Through Play

22. Homemade Paint Recipes

To finish off our collection of painting activities and techniques for kids, here is an amazing collection of Paint Recipes to work your way through!

home made paint recipes
Image courtesy of Learn Play Imagine

Over to you now! Have you tried any of these activities or have you any other painting ideas for kids you can suggest? Let us know in the comments below.

Fun Guaranteed With These 22 Easy Painting Ideas For Kids

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