15 Fun Nature Activities for Kids


Looking for ideas for nature activities for kids?  We have fun activities for children involving nature, plenty of ideas to turn fun things into kids’ games as you go out and explore.  For a really fun Nature Walk with the kids, the road LESS travelled is your best bet in our opinion! There are lots of exciting things to do in wooded areas – here are 15 Fun Nature Activities for kids:

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#1. Nature Explorers

Turn your family walk into a “nature explorer walk”.  Bring along a bag or bucket for the kids to collect any interesting nature objects they find on the walk: shells, stones, leaves, sticks, seeds.

#2. Nature 20 Questions

As you go for your walk, each person has a turn, picks something that they see and the others have to guess what it is by asking questions that can only be answered “yes” or “no”.

#3. Tree ID

Try and find as many different species of tree as you can.  Take along binoculars if you have them to spot birds in trees.  If you have a tree book such as the Usborne “Little Book of Trees” use it as a guide and see how many different trees you can spot on the walk, or how many different leaves you can find.

Bring home the different leaves or bits of bark to do leaf-rubbing.  Using sheets of paper placed over the leaves and a crayon, rub the crayon sideways across the leaf and see the pattern emerge on the paper.  You can use different coloured crayons for different leaves.

You might also enjoy our Terrific Tree Fun Infographic

#4. Be a Nature Spy

Find an insect or animal and see how long you can watch it before it notices you 🙂

#5. Make a Terrarium

Using a large glass or plastic container with a wide mouth, spread some potting soil or dirt on the bottom then add little plants and bits of grass from outside with the roots still on them.  Give them a little water then cover with the jar lid or cling film and an elastic band.  Place in a sunny spot and spray lightly with water every week and watch the plants grow.  You could measure the growth every week to see how quickly they grow.


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