12 Fun & Easy Homemade Bookmarks That Kids Can Make

homemade bookmarks

Looking for some fun craft ideas for kids? Here are 12 Fun and Easy Homemade Bookmarks That Kids Can Make and use, and even give as gifts.

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Do your kids love doing crafts? Do they enjoy reading and books? Then get them making bookmarks! Here are 12 fun ideas to inspire you!

12 Fun & Easy Homemade Bookmarks That Kids Can Make

#1. Covered Bookmarks


For this fun project you will need cardboard, funky tape and some magazines to cut quotes out of. First cut out rectangular bookmarks from the card, then the kids can cover them in the tape of their choice. If they want to go even further, they can customise them with funny sayings from magazines or comics.

If you don’t have tape, you could use pretty wrapping paper and fold it round and stick it to the card. Fun, amusing and easy!

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#2. Goggle Eyed Corner Bookmarks

Make these fun Goggle Eyed Bookmarks! They are fun to make and just involve a bit of cutting, folding, glueing and some goggle eye drawing creation! If you have stick-on googly eyes you could use them too.

#3. Heart Bookmark

Make these sweet origami love hearts, and would you believe, you just need one square sheet of paper! Instructions on Instructables and on video below. This would make a great gift for Valentine’s day too!

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#4. Ribbon Bookmark

Image courtesy of Blissfully Domestic

This ingenious ribbon bookmark from blissfullydomestic is another beautiful creative idea. All you need are some coloured ribbons in different width and colours, a utility knife and beads to decorate.

It’s probably best for grownups to make the slits with the utility knife and then kids can do the threading of the ribbons through the holes.

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#5. Shark Origami Bookmark

shark bookmark

Fans of all things Shark will enjoy making this Origami Shark Bookmark from Kidsactivitiesblog.com. With its cute pointy teeth, this is a fun but friendly shark for your child to mark their page with! You’ll need card, paper and googly eyes.

#6. Stained Glass Bookmarks

stained glass bookmarks
Image courtesy of First Palette

Aren’t these stained glass bookmarks from firstpalette lovely? Make bookmarks from card stock and decorate them with tissue paper or crepe paper for a stained glass or tie-dyed effect. It’s a project that will take a little time as you need to glue and let dry several times, but we think the time spent is worth it.

#7. Penguin Bookmarks

penguin bookmarks
Image courtesy of RedTedArt

These penguin bookmarks are super cute and hang on the corner of your page of your book. Find the instructions on the Redtedart website. You will need black, white, orange paper or card and a pen, scissors and glue.

#8. Unicorn Bookmarks

unicorn bookmarks
Image courtesy of The Inspiration Edit

We are loving this idea from The Inspirational Edit for these adorable Unicorn bookmarks. You will need some colour craft paper, card, pen, scissors and glue.

#9. Corner Bookmarks

corner one
Image courtesy of Wake and Whimsy

Anyone for a bit of sewing? If your child can make a few basic stitches, then this bookmark craft from Wake and Whimsy is a lovely one to try. You will simply need some felt, scissors, needle and embroidery thread and let their imaginations fly.

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#10. Harry Potter Bookmark

harry potter bookmark
Image courtesy of More Than Thursdays

For the Harry Potter fan in the house, this Harry Potter bookmark felting project from More Than Thursdays will go down well. It involves cutting and glueing but there’s a free template to download to use to help you.

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#11. Colour Card Bookmark

colour card
Image found on Pinterest

Want a new way to use up those old colour cards from the DIY store? Choose your colour card, add a small hole to the top, thread a ribbon through and tie a bead on the end of it. If you have a decorative hole puncher you can use it to punch out holes for even more decoration. Really simple but cute.

#12. Paperclip Bookmarks

paper cliups
Image courtesy of Altered to Perfection

These paperclip bookmarks from Altered to Perfection are such a neat idea, and perfect for younger kids to try. Just get some lovely strings of different coloured ribbons and some large paper clips, and let the kids get threading. Perfect for their fine motor skills and there is no glue or mess either!

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Over to you now! Do you have any fun or clever ideas for homemade bookmarks that your child has enjoyed making? Let us know in the comment box below.

12 Fun & Easy Homemade Bookmarks That Kids Can Make

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