12 Fun & Easy Homemade Bookmarks That Kids Can Make


Looking for some fun craft ideas for kids? Here are 12 fun and easy homemade bookmarks that kids can make and use, and even give as gifts.

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#1. Beady Bookmarks

These beady bookmarks from smallforbig are so cute and all you need is some embroidery thread and some different shapes of thread-able beads.

They do require a bit of skill to tie the shapes together, so you may need to help younger kids.

Top tip: lay out your design in advance so you know which bead goes first.

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diy-bookmarks-09#2.  Tape Bookmarks

What could be simpler than these lovely tape bookmarks from babble?

Just have the kids cover rectangle shaped cards in tape of their choice and then they can customise them with funny sayings from magazines or comics.

Funny, amusing and easy!

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heart-paperclip-msl212_vert#3. Heart Bookmark

This is such a beautiful alternative to your traditional straight bookmark from Marthastewart.

All you need is some coloured card and heart stencils to cut out the shapes.

This would make a great gift for Valentine’s day too!

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#4. Ribbon Bookmark


This ingenious ribbon bookmark from blissfullydomestic is another beautiful creative idea.

All you need are some coloured ribbons in different width and colours, a utility knife and beads to decorate.

It’s probably best for grownups to make the slits with the utility knife and then kids can do the threading of the ribbons through the holes.

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#5. Shark Origami Bookmark

shark bookmark

Fans of all things shark will enjoy making this Origami Shark Bookmark from web.kidsactivitiesblog.com, you’ll need card, paper and googly eyes.

With its cute pointy teeth, this is a fun but friendly shark for your child to mark their page with!

stained glass bookmarks#6. Stained Glass Bookmarks

Aren’t these stained glass bookmarks from firstpalette lovely?

Make bookmarks from card stock and decorate them with tissue paper or crepe paper for a stained glass or tie-dyed effect.

It’s a project that will take a little time as you need to glue and let dry several times, but we think the time spent is worth it.

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#7. Penguin and Snowmen Bookmarks

penguin bookmarks

These penguin and snowmen bookmarks from jinjerup are another really simple one to do, and would be perfect for younger kids. All you need is some hard card, paper, a printer and some scissors.

The bellies of these little penguins and snowmen are cut out to create your overhang on your page. These would make cute Christmas gifts for friends and relatives.

penguin bookmarks hanging kids photo bookmarks#8. DIY Photo Bookmarks

We are loving this idea from nearlycrafty where a photo of your child is the bookmark! You will need a laminator or plastic sheet, some embroidery thread, hole puncher, scissors, your child’s picture and cardboard for this one.

These would make lovely presents for Mum, Dads and Grandparents.

#9. Corner Bookmarks

corner one

Anyone for a bit of sewing? If your child can make a few basic stitches, then this bookmark craft from weakandwhimsy is a lovely one to try. You will simply need some felt, scissors, needle and embroidery thread and let their imaginations fly.

dress#10. Dress Bookmarks

This dress bookmark from amorascrafts requires a bit more skill as it involves

  • tracing
  • stitching
  • ironing and
  • some gluing

so would be ideal for older kids.

It’s a wonderful way to make a really unique bookmark that you can customise in any way.

Perfect for your wannabe fashion designers!

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#11. DIY Bookmark

colour card

Want a new way to use up those old colour cards from the DIY store? Then this idea from daisy-pickers is the perfect upcycling project for kids.

Just get a small decorative hole puncher, some thread and some beads.

Really simple and will keep the little ones occupied for ages!

#12. Paperclip Bookmarks

paper cliups

These paperclip bookmarks from alteredtoperfection are such a neat idea, and perfect for younger kids to try. Just get some lovely strings of different coloured ribbons and some large paper clips, and let the kids get threading.

Perfect for their fine motor skills and there is no glue or mess either!

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Over to you! Do you have any fun or clever ideas for bookmark? Let us know in the comment box below.

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