50+ Random Acts of Kindness for Families to Do Together

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

February 17, 2021

Random Acts of Kindness (1)

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Kindness is never out of fashion and is, in fact, often in short supply. We can all benefit from extra love and support, and the best kind is when it is unexpected. You can brighten someone’s day with these random acts of kindness. They are thoughtful enough to make a real difference, but simple enough for even the youngest child to do!

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Think about how it feels when your child draws you a heartfelt picture, when you get a ‘just because’ card in the post, or when someone says ‘have a nice day’ as they walk past. These random acts of kindness can, at a minimum, make you smile but can also make your heart swell! Wouldn’t it be lovely to spread that feeling to the people around you?

Make it a family event – challenge each other to share your acts of kindness with neighbours, friends and family. Let it spread far and wide, and encourage others to join you!

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Random Acts of Kindness for Families

random acts of kindness

Download our list of random acts of kindness to inspire your own family activities – see how many you can tick off!

  1. Say something nice to someone
  2. Pay a genuine compliment
  3. Hold the door open for someone
  4. Say ‘Hi’ to a passerby
  5. Call someone to tell them you’re thinking about them
  6. Say ‘I love you’
  7. Give a hug
  8. Donate to a food bank
  9. Volunteer
  10. Support a small business
  11. Pick up litter from the neighbourhood
  12. Bake a cake for a friend
  13. Thank school staff with some chocolates or cookies
  14. Smile at everyone you see
  15. Offer to help someone
  16. Donate to charity
  17. Spend time with someone who may be lonely
  18. Send a letter to a friend to say ‘hi’
  19. Give someone a gift, just because
  20. Clean up at home without being asked
  21. Show you are grateful and say ‘Thank You’
  22. Send a text or email to brighten someone’s day
  23. Tell someone why they’re special to you
  24. Donate old clothes
  25. Check in on an elderly neighbour
  26. Do someone else’s chores at home
  27. Make a ‘Get Well Soon’ card for someone who is feeling under the weather
  28. Share with a friend
  29. Leave painted kindness rocks for someone to find
  30. Teach someone something new
  31. Write chalk messages or draw pictures to brighten up your neighbourhood
  32. Make a homemade gift for someone
  33. Walk a neighbour’s dog
  34. Put a surprise note or drawing through someone’s letterbox
  35. Offer to pick up groceries, prescriptions or treats for a neighbour
  36. Do a fundraising walk or run for charity
  37. Let someone else go ahead of you
  38. Give someone a flower
  39. Make dinner for a busy family
  40. Plant a tree
  41. Do a favour for someone without anything in return
  42. Plan a surprise party for a friend or family member
  43. Leave a generous tip
  44. Write an encouraging message for someone
  45. Take the time to listen to someone
  46. Donate toys and books that another child would enjoy
  47. Make sandwiches and snacks for homeless people
  48. Make someone smile with a joke
  49. Wash someone’s car
  50. Buy coffee for a stranger
  51. Feed the birds

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Have your say! Does your family include random acts of kindness in your regular routine? What are your favourite things to do? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

50+ Random Acts of Kindness for Families to Do Together - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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