22 Nice Things to Say To Your Family

nice things to say

Sometimes we take our families for granted. After all, we are so used to having them around and spending time with them, that we sometimes forget to tell them how proud we are of them or that you too have done the same thing (if they make a mistake). So here are 22 nice things to say to your family:

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nice things to say

  1. I trust you.
  2. Please.
  3. I am proud of you for…
  4. You rock!
  5. Let’s share.
  6. I am sorry.
  7. Can you help me?
  8. Let’s do … together.
  9. What do you think about this?
  10. This happened to me once…
  11. We all make mistakes.
  12. I forgive you.
  13. How can I help you?
  14. You are brave.
  15. Thank you.
  16. I love it when…
  17. I am here for you.
  18. You are good at…
  19. Let’s play.
  20. You are beautiful…
  21. We need each other.
  22. I love you.

Over to you now. What would you add to this list? Share it with us in the comments below.

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