8 Great Beach Craft Ideas for Kids to Create Summer Mementos

Beach Craft Ideas

If you get to the beach this summer why not get the kids to collect some shells, pebbles, sea glass and even sand to bring home and create masterpieces. We have 8 Great Beach Craft Ideas for Kids to Create Summer Mementos that you can treasure long after the summer is over. Sign up for our free monthly newsletters. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, Youtube & Pinterest.

#1. Shell Necklace / Bracelet

ShellsTry and find interesting shells with a hole that a craft string can pass through.

Cut the string for the correct length for a necklace or bracelet, and tie a knot in one end, then your child can string as many shells on as will fit before you tie the ends together.

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#2. Treasure Jar

craft jarWhy not get the kids to take our Beach Scavenger Hunt and add the items collected, along with some sand from the beach, to a clear, glass jar to create a pretty ornament.

Or collect interesting coloured pebbles and add them to a jar, along with some water to create a homemade vase.

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#3. Sand Painting

Glitter PictureUse a piece of card, glue and sand (you can add glitter too) to create a work of art.

  • Paint the glue onto the card and let you child sprinkle sand over the page.
  • Once have finished, shake the picture off over a tray and the sand will have stuck on to create a pretty picture.
  • You could get them to draw a picture and just add glue to certain parts so it adds a new dimension to the image.

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#4. Driftwood

Driftwood Seahorse Creativeinchiago.comSee if you can find any smooth driftwood along the beach and take it home to create a piece of art.

I love this seahorse craft which I found over on Creativeinchiago showing us that even small pieces of driftwood can be turned into something beautiful.

#5. Treasure Plaque

PlaqueCollect beach treasures like shells, small pebbles, sea glass, feathers and add them to quick dry plaster to create a treasure plaque.

Create it in a disposable tray and add an upright straw to the top and trim once dried, to create a clever hanging hole. Once your treasures have set in the plaster, you could paint the background if you wish.

#6. Sand Bowls

Sand Bowl by Leetal RivlinThe amazing sand bowl in the image has been created by Israeli designer Leetal Rivlin.

By adding craft glue to sand and moulding around a bowl, see if you can make your very own sand bowl to store your beach treasures in!

#7. Pebble Painting

Rock PaintingWe like to collect smooth medium sized pebbles and rocks when we are the beach and then turn them into interesting rock faces when we get home.

You can paint the whole rock to start with. Then when that’s dry have fun painting on the facial features, eyes, eyebrows, noses, lips, ears, maybe even some hair.

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#8. Beach Collage

starfishSometimes you will find starfish who have been washed up onto the beach and are no longer alive or unusual shells and pebbles.

Using a heavy, coloured card and craft glue, you can add your beach treasures to the card to create a beautiful seaside masterpiece.


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Have you tried any of our beach craft ideas yet? Please let us know in the comments box below.