19 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Make the Most of the Season


Summer is here, and the warmer weather brings an opportunity to get outside and have fun in the fresh air! From sensory play ideas to water walls and bubbles, here are 19 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Make the Most of this lovely Season.

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1. Create and Decorate a Cardboard Car

Kids just love cardboard boxes and the opportunity to mark make and get creative, like this from Sugar Aunts, provides the perfect invitation to play! I recently saw a Summer Garden Party idea, where the kids made their own cars and sat with snacks watching a movie that was projected outdoors! What a fabulous idea! Perfect for some calm down time after your parties and play dates!

1 Summer Play

Image via Sugar Aunts

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2. Create and Enjoy a Water Wall

We created our water wall using mainly recycled items. I love that it is available for play whenever we are outside. It was simple to put together and its always a hit when Little N has her friends over to play!

2 Summer Play

Image via Learning & Exploring Through Play

3. Waterbeads

Have you played with waterbeads yet? They are a soothing sensory media, here Danya shares with us how to use them for imaginative play in the water table. Always make sure you supervise your children closely when playing with water beads.

3 Summer Play

Image via Danya Banya

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4. Fine Motor Flower Cutting

Is your child currently developing their fine motor skills? With flowers in bloom and looking gorgeous at this time of year why not take your scissors outdoors and encourage your little ones to create a flower display in your home by cutting the stems and putting them in a vase of water?

4 Summer Play

Image via Dabbling Momma

5. Water Play

Not only does water play have lots of educational benefits it is the perfect way to keep cool in the hot weather! We did a roundup of the best water play fun on the web! Be sure to check it out! Why not create your own Boats using Margarine Tubs or Cork Screws to enjoy with your water play?

5 Summer Play

Image via Learning & Exploring Through Play

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6. Seashells

Summer wouldn’t be complete without sea shells! Here are some fabulous ways to play and create with the shells you collect this summer. For shell crafts, Red Ted Art has a Seashell Pendant Craft and a Seashell Windchime Craft. Or why not paint them and create Seashell Ladybugs, like Still Playing School.

6 Summer Play

Image via Still Playing School

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7. Bubbles

During the summer months there is plenty of opportunity to make bubbles outdoors, avoiding wet and slippy floors inside! Here are some different ways to play with bubbles:

7 Summer Play

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8. Bugs/Minibeast

With lots of bugs out and about in your gardens, your little ones will no doubt be drawn to them at some point – its a great opportunity to enjoy some bug fun together. From sensory play, to arts, crafts and resources this post covers it all.

8 Summer Play

Image via Learning & Exploring Through Play

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9. Ice Cream

Ice cream is yummy delicious any time of the year but a gives a perfect cool down during Summer. Here we have some ice cream activities to try:

9 Summer Play

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10. Ocean Themed Sensory Tub

Continue the water fun and set up a little small world sensory tub, such as this one for ocean-themed water play, from Danya Banya.

10 Summer Play

Image via Danya Banya

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