100 of the Sparkliest Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids


If your house is anything like ours, you’re probably not long into the summer holidays (first morning even!) when your child asks “What are we doing today?”. Coming up with ideas for all 60 odd days of the holidays can be a challenge! So, just for you, here are 100 of the sparkliest summer bucket list ideas for kids to print out and work through. 

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bucket list ideas

  1. Take a book out of the local library
  2. Go for a walk in a nearby forest or park
  3. Make cookies or cupcakes
  4. Visit the zoo
  5. Paddle in the sea
  6. Made a bubble volcano in the sink
  7. Watch old cartoons on Youtube
  8. Jump on the trampoline 300 times
  9. Have a picnic (in the living room if rainy!)
  10. Do a treasure hunt
  11. Take a dog for a walk
  12. Have a sticky bun in a coffee shop
  13. Build a sandcastle
  14. Make a den with the couch cushions
  15. Feed the ducks
  16. Sleep overnight in a tent
  17. Search for shells on the beach
  18. Read a book
  19. Go horse riding
  20. Plant cress or mustard seeds and watch them grow
  21. Play a game of football
  22. Go to the cinema
  23. Build a treehouse
  24. Build an amazing lego creation
  25. Play a game of cards
  26. Run down a hill pretending to be airplanes
  27. Make a home cinema including tickets and popcorn
  28. Do some cloud watching
  29. Visit an elderly person
  30. Listen to an audio story or podcast
  31. Make pancakes
  32. Climb a really big hill
  33. Help make dinner
  34. Paint a wall or fence
  35. Dig and plant a flower bed
  36. Make home made pizza
  37. Go roller skating
  38. Do a science experiment
  39. Do chalk drawings on the pavement
  40. Go bowling
  41. Skim stones at the beach
  42. Blow bubbles
  43. Go for a cycle
  44. Go on a scavenger hunt
  45. Fly a kite
  46. Make some music
  47. Create a play with costumes
  48. Play a board game
  49. Make Oobleck
  50. Go fishing
  51. Go on a bug hunt (catch a firefly or two!)
  52. Plant some seeds
  53. Make play dough
  54. Make a daisy chain
  55. Make tie-dye clothes
  56. Paint a summer picture
  57. Try some nature activities
  58. Make a summer scrapbook
  59. Go swimming
  60. Make a summer music playlist
  61. Make a stop motion video
  62. Learn a new card trick
  63. Go to the beach
  64. Make a photo booth
  65. Take a day trip to a museum
  66. Make a marble run
  67. Make sun shadows
  68. Make a scarecrow
  69. Wash the car
  70. Make a time capsule
  71. Make your own jewellery
  72. Hold neighbourhood Summer Olympics
  73. Set up a lemonade stand
  74. Run through a sprinkler
  75. Make a smoothie
  76. Interview a grandparent about their childhood
  77. Try to skip 100 times without stopping
  78. Build a card house
  79. Go geocaching
  80. Create a comic
  81. Climb a tree
  82. Photograph the alphabet
  83. Have a go at programming
  84. Create a secret code
  85. Learn to juggle
  86. Make a family tree
  87. Play Paper, Scissors, Stone
  88. Watch the sun rise
  89. Have a sleepover
  90. Write and send a letter
  91. Make ice lollies
  92. Go star gazing
  93. Make a slip and slide
  94. Make a banana split
  95. Do a random act of kindness
  96. Stay up til midnight
  97. Build a fairy house
  98. Plant sunflowers
  99. Make a new friend
  100. Watch fireworks

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Over to you now! What’s on your summer bucket list? Tell us in the comments below.

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