50 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

activities for kids

Mykidstime ideas for 50 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids, helping to keep the little ones from under your feet and the bigger ones from climbing the walls! Better yet, lots of these are free!

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1. Go for a cycle

Strap on the helmets, grab the bikes, and go for a cycle. You can head out in your local area, where we have details of bicycle hire and cycling tracks, or perhaps, if feeling more adventurous, could try some of these coillte family cycling trails.

2. Head to the beach

A trip to the beach is always a fun day out, no matter what the season! If it’s a nice sunny day, you might want to check out our Summer Beach checklist, to make sure you don’t forget to pack an essential item! Why not collect some stones and paint them when you return home to make some garden decorations?

And if you’re stuck for things to do when you get there, here are 50 Interesting Things to do at the beach with kids and 23 Sensational Sand Play Ideas Kids will Love.

3. Have some water fun

If the weather is warm, most kids love playing with water, or having water fights. Turn on the spinkler and let the kids jump through it, or small buckets make perfect containers for “soaking the enemy”. Alternatively, fill up some water balloons and let the kids get wet. Here’s 10 Wickedly Wet Water Games for Kids.

Could keep younger ones occupied “painting” things with water – either pictures on ground, or get them to “paint” the shed or fence. Here’s 27 Innovative & Fun Water Play Ideas.

4. Go to a playground

Going to the playground is a great way to get the kids active outdoors. Most towns have a local playground, but for a change, why not try a different playground in a nearby town ? Pack a picnic and make a day out of it.

teddy bear picnic_05. Have a teddybear picnic 

If the weather is good, get the kids to host a teddybear’s picnic out in the garden. 

6. Get them gardening

Gardening with kids is great fun – they love to get mucky and see the result of their work. Here are some tips for making your garden a fun place for kids.

If you have room, why not assign them their own flower bed and help them plan out their planting? Or give them their own pot/planter. Herbs and salad leaves are quick to grow, and most kids enjoy eating what they have grown! Here’s how to grow your own pizza garden.

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7. Make a camp/den

Let your kids make a camp/den outdoors, using old blankets/duvets, cushions and the garden chairs for props. Or gather some sturdy sticks from the wood and use some old tarpaulin as a roof.

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8. See some Animals!

Take a trip to the zoo or nearest wildlife park – it’s the perfect all year round outdoor activity for the whole family. Or if that’s too far away, spring and summer are the perfect time of year to visit a pet farm, to see the young animals. Kids might even be able to help out with feeding the young lambs or calves.

9. Climb a tree

The world looks a whole lot different when viewed from the heights of a sturdy tree.

10. Go for a walk

Head out to your local woods or park for a walk, or try some of the Coillte forest parks’s walks. From finding something fluffy to finding something edible check out our free nature scavenger hunt list to occupy the kids while walking.

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