Setting up a Kids Treasure Hunt

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Treasure hunts are a great, fun and easy way to keep kids entertained. And can be played inside or out! Here are ideas on how to stage a treasure hunt for kids.


  • Treasure, of course!! (a treat, coins, small gift, sweets)
  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils or markers


Setting up the Treasure Hunt

  1. You can set up a treasure hunt in a house, a back garden, or in a public park. You just need to do a little planning
  2. What’s going to be the treasure? It could be a small gift, a yummy treat, coins – just make sure you have as many prizes as you have kids, or a big enough prize for them to share!!
  3. Decide where to hide the treasure.
  4. Next up the clues. Choose 5 – 8 places to hide the clues. Each clue directing them to the next clue. (with the final one sending them to the hidden treasure!)
  5. Now you know where you are going to hide the clues you can write simple clues or you can either draw a it, cut out a picture from a magizine, print the image from the computer or take a picture of where the next clue is hidden. Eg. if the next clue is in the fridge, you might give them a image of a milk carton)
    If you write the clues, you may need to read them out loud, depending on the age of the chidren playing.
  6. Hide the treasure. Hide the clues. Now lets get going!

Getting Your Treasure Hunt Started!

  • Tell your kids that their “mission” is to find the hidden treasure by following a series of clues
  • Give the children the first clue. Explain that they must share the treasure and they must work together to find it.
  • If they get stuck, ask them if they need a hint.

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Have you had fun with a Treasure Hunt at home with the kids?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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