10 Ways For Kids to Make Money in Their Free Time


March 14, 2015

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Gone are the days when the children were chimney sweeps or went down the mines…..thank goodness….but there are still ways for kids to make money and keep them occupied. Here’s 10 Ways for Kids to Make Money in their Free Time, guaranteed to give them a sense of achievement, learn the value of money, and save you a few quid also!

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The majority of this list is aimed at older kids/teenagers and should not interfere with their education, or go beyond the restricted hours of work specified by the authorities.

1. House Chores

helping with choresThese would normally be aimed at the younger children who want to “help” around the house and earn a little extra pocket money. This could be vacuum cleaning, tidying their room, collecting laundry, polishing, washing the car etc.

Teenagers may need some extra money for an outfit, new gadget or mobile credit, so they may be happy to do extra chores to earn the money.

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2. Paper Round

The old faithful, the paper round. Surprisingly enough papers are still delivered to houses and it’s a perfect job for a girl or boy with a bike before school starts and on weekends. They may even be asked to help out in the paper shop in the holidays or on weekends.

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3. Babysitting

There is no minimum age for babysitting but common sense will obviously prevail. It could be babysitting younger siblings, neighbours children, relations or for parents friends. Babysitting is a job that will always be in constant supply.

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4. Saturday Oddjobs

Many shops or catering outlets could be looking for extra help on their busy Saturdays whether it’s just helping in the stock room, clearing tables, serving customers etc. All within health and safety guidelines (pdf) of course.

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5. Local Stables

If your child is interested in horses then this will be a job they will enjoy even though it probably involves mucking out as well as grooming, exercising and feeding the horses. Every local stables will always be looking for help with their animals and this will often be done before and after school and on weekends. It will certainly keep your child fit and happy if they love animals.

boys-walking-dog_1_26. Walking Dogs

Busy neighbours with dogs may welcome help during the holidays or after school with keeping their dogs exercised. Your child could walk dogs individually or a few together (provided the dogs get on) and earn some money whilst keeping fit at the same time.

7. Local Sports Clubs & Leisure Centres

If your kid is sporty they may enjoy helping out at the local sports club or leisure centre. This could include keeping locker rooms clean, being the water boy/girl, helping on reception, selling programmes and concessions on match days, etc, etc. This will keep them fit, interested in sports, and could lead to more work in the form of summer camps/coaching etc.

8. The family business

The family could have it’s own business and your children may be able to help out to top up their pocket money. Even family friends may have a business that a teenager can help out with on weekends or holidays.

As kids tend to be quick to learn with technology, a job that involves helping with websites, social media or even writing blogs could be ideal for them. If the business doesn’t use technology, then it could be anything from filing to farming, helping in the kitchens, to behind the scenes in the vets, and lots more.

9. Care in the Community

If your child is socially minded they may be interested in helping out in the community; maybe just checking on elderly people and doing their shopping, child-minding, helping carers and other community work. It may not pay well but would provide a sense of satisfaction for helping people in need.

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10. Local Farm Help

kids helping on farmChildren who grow up on a farm are often expected to help out on the family farm and possibly trained to take over from the parent in later years. However, other kids may be interested in farm work and don’t have any relatives to help so they could approach a local farmer to see if he needs any help in the holidays or on weekends. You can be guaranteed they will always need help.

Again health and safety precautions must apply, but if the child is seriously interested in this type of work then it’s best to learn hands on. They may then decide to take it further and study agriculture.

I hope this list helps keep your kids occupied and earning money at the same time.

Over to you! I’d love to hear what you used to do as a child to earn extra pocket money and if you have any other suggestions to add to the list, which I’m sure could go on and on.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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