100 Free Activities for Kids

free kids activities

It’s a tricky balance trying to spend as much quality time with your family as possible while spending as little money as possible. Here are ideas for 100 Free Activities for Kids to help amuse for nothing!

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#1. Go for a cycle

Strap on the helmets, grab the bikes, and go for a cycle. You can head out in your local area if you have cycling nearby or pile the bikes in the car and head to a forest or park where it’s safe to cycle. Don’t forget your helmets! Sustrans has some good family cycling safety tips.

#2. Play Water Balloon Dodgeball

Fill water balloons with water, divide the amount of balloons up and place them on opposite ends of the garden. Next split up into teams and stand facing each other. When the signal is given, begin throwing water balloons at the other team. When a player is hit, the other team scores a point. Play until all the balloons are gone, the members of one team have all been hit, or a certain number of points have been reached.

#3. Learn to Juggle

Juggling is a fun activity, albeit a challenge to learn. Juggling helps your hand/eye coordination, encourages brain growth and is also a great way to de-stress. Bean bags are a better choice to start with for beginners as otherwise you will tire yourself out running around after tennis balls or other bouncy balls.

#4. Create an Obstacle Course

Involve the whole family in gathering items, setting up the course, and testing your skills in a friendly family competition. Walk the “tight rope” using a skipping rops, or a balance beam using a plank on the ground. Crawl through or around items, hop across hula hoops. March on the spot for 30 seconds or do 10 jumping jacks. Throw balls into a basket. The possibilites are endless and the course can change everytime becoming more challenging as the players improve their skills.

#5. Have a teddybears picnic

The picnic venue can vary depending on the weather so it can be in your kitchen or back garden or even at the park. Send invitations to all who are invited. Place a blanket on the ground with some cushions in a row.

You could hang some balloons nearby depending on where you holding the event. You could also cut out some teddy bear footprints from pieces of paper and put these on the floor leading to the picnic area. Footprints could also lead to other activities if you are having them. You could include a teddy bear themed pass the parcel game or even dance with your teddy bear.

#6. Get them gardening

Gardening with kids is great fun – they love to get mucky and see the result of their work. If you have room, why not assign them their own flower bed and help them plan out their planting?

Or give them their own pot/planter. Herbs and salad leaves are quick to grow, and most kids enjoy eating what they have grown! Here’s a how to grow your own pizza garden.

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#7. Tongue Twisters

Take turns saying tongue twisters and see who can say them the best. Tongue twisters like “If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?” will surely leave you in fits of giggles.

#8. Time Capsule

Make a time capsule as a family. Put things in it that are happening right now and then open it next summer and see how things have changed.

#9. Make a camp/den

Let your kids make a camp/den outdoors, using old blankets/duvets, cushions and the garden chairs  for props. Or gather some sturdy sticks from the wood and use some old tarpaulin as a roof.

playing-cards-kids_0#10. Play Some Cards

A fun and inexpensive way to pass an afternoon, so  grab a deck of cards and gather around a table to begin. We have compiled a list of 15 Fun Card Games for Kids to get you started.

#11. Make a Home Cinema

Set up a home cinema and settle down to watch some fun family movies together

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#12. Climb a tree

The world looks a whole lot different when viewed from the heights of a sturdy tree.

#13. Go for a walk

Head out to your local woods, beach or park for a walk. From finding something fluffy to finding something edible check out our free nature scavenger hunt list to occupy the kids while walking.

#14. Scavenger Hunt

How about something a bit different to do outdoors? Download our free Backyard Scavenger Hunt or here’s our free Sound Scavenger Hunt to download and enjoy while you are out in the forest or woods.

scavenger-hunt#15. Have a Big Bug hunt

Love them or hate them, bugs are fascinating to kids! Here’s our free Big Bug Scavenger Hunt List to download and enjoy while you are out in the garden or on a family walk in the woods.

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#16. Be Mad Scientists!

Homemade science experiments can get messy, so why not move the “lab” outside ? We have 5 fun science experiments for kids to try. Or you could try making a “volcano” with breadsoda and vinegar.

#17. Sand play

Kids love to mess around in the sand, particularly if in your back garden. Even if you don’t have a sand table, it’s easy to make your own, with a large shallow plastic container, and some play sand. Just remember to cover when finished, to keep the cats away!

#18. Go for a picnic

We all love to dine alfresco, and kids especially love a picnic. Pack a basket of homemade goodies, a flask with tea for yourself, and a waterproof blanket. Why not try our easy recipes for homemade sausageshomemade lemonade and yummy chocolate chip cookies ?

#19. Build Some Lego

Design and build a Lego structure. It could be a castle, a house, a fire station, or maybe a small town. Or have lego-building competitions, where have to make structures usings only one colour. The possibilities are endless with Lego.

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#20. Go to the playground

Going to the playground is a great way to get the kids active outdoors. Most towns have a local playground, but for a change, why not try a different playground in a nearby town? Pack a picnic and make a day out of it.

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