Have a Giggle with the ‘What’s Your Name?’ Kids Exercise Challenge!

Jill Holtz

July 30, 2022

Kids Exercise Challenge Printable - Mykidstime

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Need some ideas to help keep your child active? We have created a fun What’s Your Name Kids Exercise Challenge that’s perfect for getting the kids moving while having fun too.

Better still, they can create their own personal routine of fun exercises and actions!

Take the ‘What’s Your Name’ Kids Exercise Challenge!

Who said exercise and moving around has to be boring! Inject some fun with this kids’ fitness challenge that creates a different routine or series of actions for each child.

It’s so simple – just spell out your name, find the activities for each letter, and then get moving.

For example, if your name is Daisy, your fitness challenge would be:

  • D = Dance to your favourite song for one minute
  • A = Act like a monkey for 30 seconds
  • I = Inspect the garden for insects for one minute
  • S = Skip down the hall and back
  • Y = Jump up and down like a yo-yo 12 times

For a bigger challenge, include your surname, middle name, nickname, etc. Or pick a favourite character to change things up – some good ones are Buzz Lightyear, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Lightening McQueen or Sleeping Beauty.

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Download Your Kids Exercise Challenge

So get the kids into some shorts or sports gear and have a bit of fun with our What’s Your Name Kids’ Fitness Challenge! You can download the exercise challenge here, which is great to stick on the fridge and encourage quick daily sessions.

Remember, it’s not a competition and there’s no pressure. It’s all about moving a bit more than normal and, most importantly, making it fun!

What's Your Name Kids Fitness Challenge Printable - Mykidstime

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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